Serena Williams, Before and After

By | April 2, 2022

Serena Williams is the highest-paid athlete in the world in history and in all sports. She has established herself as a hyper-successful athlete, philanthropist, public figure, fitness symbol, TV star and model. How did she look in her youth and how has her appearance changed now?

Childhood and youth

Serena Williams was born in Michigan, the girl’s mother worked as a nurse, and her father had a small business – a security company. The family did not live very richly – it was necessary to feed five children at once.

Serena’s father has been preparing her and her equally famous sister Venus for a sports career since childhood. Serena herself said that she first picked up a tennis racket at the age of three. At first, the father trained his daughters independently – classes were held every day for several hours, and sometimes twice a day – before school and after school. When Serena was 9 years old and her sister was 10 years old, the head of the tennis academy from Florida, Rick Macchi, agreed to teach them for free, and the girls had to move.






For the first time in a professional tournament, Serena Williams performed at the age of 14 and completely failed. Serena’s sports career has been on the rise since 1999, when she and her sister won the French Open in women’s doubles. By now, Serena has already won more than 90 Grand Slam and WTA tournaments. Williams is the 2012 Olympic champion in women’s singles and a three-time champion in doubles, winner of the Fed Cup and the Hopman Cup. Williams also has many other awards on her account.

But a sports career is not all that Serena Williams has succeeded in. The athlete launched her own clothing line Aneres Designs. The tennis player is also the face of many brands and signs lucrative advertising contracts every year.




Personal life

On September 1, 2017, Williams gave birth to a daughter. The woman’s chosen one was the creator of the Reddit social network Alexis Ohanian, an Armenian by origin. After the birth of the child, 2 months later, the couple got married.

Plastic surgery

Rumor has it that the tennis player of all time has done rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, inserted implants in the buttocks and used botox injections.

Has Serena Williams had a nose job?

Serena Williams had plastic surgery. The public came to this conclusion after seeing a photo of the first racket of the world on the cover of the magazine in 2010. The tennis player has often heard that she is not feminine, that her body is too muscular, and her face is ugly. However, after transformation Williams looks completely different, and people immediately thought that the athlete had gone under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

And yet, maybe it’s not about plastic surgery, and Williams just did a competent makeup that hid all her flaws?

Has Serena Williams had a boob job?

Her breasts look a little different in different outfits, but she’s always had a pretty big breast size. Such changes in the size of her breasts can be easily achieved with a push-up bra. Therefore, she had no real reason to have breast augmentation surgery.

Has Serena Williams done buttock augmentation?

Most tennis players are of a fragile build. Serena can be called pumped up. According to genetics, she is a mesomorph. These are those who have a wider bone, and muscles instantly grow from physical exertion. Williams took her rivals not only by strength, but also by endurance – she literally exhausted the tennis players on the court. Therefore, she always had well-pumped gluteal muscles, so there was no point in inserting implants into her buttocks. Her body is completely natural.

The Beauty Evolution of Serena Williams

Serena has never been afraid to experiment with her appearance. But about everything in order. At the very beginning of her stellar career, in 1998, Williams appeared before the public in a very strange way – braided hair in multicolored pigtails, braces on her teeth, lack of makeup and even a hint of femininity.

But as Williams’s popularity grew, so did her appearance. Already in 2002, Serena became a blonde. In 2004, the tennis player returned to a darker shade, and in 2005 she became blonde again. And that’s how Williams experimented with her hairstyle and color all her life. The athlete constantly changes the shade of her hair, without worrying how it will affect their structure.

Although Serena has a very heavy athletic figure, she is also not afraid to take risks when choosing outfits. On the red carpet, the star can be seen both in elegant floor-length dresses and in very short skirts.









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