Sarah Jessica Parker, Before and After

By | January 6, 2022

Sarah Jessica Parker is a producer and actress. She earned worldwide fame thanks to her participation in the creation of the series “Sex and the City”. This role brought the actress several prestigious awards. Jessica is rightfully called an icon of style.

Sarah Jessica Parker in her youth

The actress was born in the American city of Nelsonville in March 1965. The girl’s parents belonged to the local intelligentsia. Stephen Parker, who held the position of a journalist, was a successful entrepreneur. The girl’s mother, Barbara Keck, was a teacher, educator, and primary school teacher. Her parents had four children, but this did not prevent their divorce.

Sarah was too young then, she hadn’t attended school yet. The father, who left the family, went to the east of the country. Barbara quickly found a replacement for him, her new husband Paul First moved a large family to his place. The man left four children from his first marriage, but the difficulties associated with raising eight children did not stop Paul and Barbara. A huge family required attention and care.

Jessica’s parents discovered early on that she had a clear talent for acting. As a teenager, she was interested in learning acting, singing, and went to a ballet studio. Smart, attentive parents supported their daughter in all her endeavors. The girl was only nine years old when she was chosen to participate in the Broadway musical.

Then a large family decided to move to New York. Parents understood perfectly well that their talented daughter needed to study in an acting studio with professionals. Soon Jessica was invited to play a role in other musicals.

The future actress, born under the sign of Aries, was a surprisingly purposeful child. In her youth, she had a lot of hobbies, and she did not give up any of her endeavors halfway, bringing them to their logical conclusion. The persistent girl graduated from four schools – Dwight Morrow, ballet studio, acting children’s school, school of creative and performing arts.

Film career

In 1979, the young Parker first appeared on the screen. She starred in the movie “Rich Kids”.

Jessica Parker in the movie “Rich Kids”

Then the directors began to invite a talented girl to work. She starred in several films, where she was entrusted with small roles. In the musical comedy “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, Jessica had the main role.

The actress was 19 years old when she was invited to star in “Flight of the Navigator”.

Then followed a long break in work, the actress waited for the next role only five years later. She starred in the movie “L.A. Story”.

Not every actor can withstand such a test, years of lack of demand leave a negative imprint on the personality, the level of acting skills. But in the case of Jessica, everything turned out exactly the opposite. She considers herself a rather complex woman, often insecure. However, she is always saved from melancholy and depression by her extraordinary efficiency and perseverance in achieving the goal.

Jessica Parker in the movie “Ed Wood”

The directors began to actively invite the actress to the main roles. She played in the films “Striking Distance”, “Hocus Pocus”, “Miami Rhapsody”, “Honeymoon in Vegas”, “Ed Wood”, “If Lucy Fell”. All of these films have become successful. Film experts treated Parker very favorably, each of her works caused them to rave reviews.

The actress gained the necessary experience, in these films she worked together with celebrities – Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas, Bette Midler, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage. During this period of her life, the actress did not refuse minor roles. Many viewers remembered her work in the film “First Wives Club, The”. Here, too, stars of the first magnitude were filmed – Maggie Smith, Goldie Hawn, Dion Keaton, but among them, the talented Jessica was on top.

In 1998, viewers saw the TV series “Sex and the City”. This film, dedicated to strong, independent women, is called by film critics the main one in Parker’s creative biography. Here she transforms into Carrie Bradshaw, for her work on the image of which the actress received 4 Golden Globes, 2 Emmys, 3 awards of the Screen Actors Guild of the United States.

Jessica Parker in the TV series “Sex and the City”

Jessica has been nominated 20 times for the World Film Awards. Six seasons of the popular series were filmed. After that, in 2008, the audience watched a large-format film with the same name “Sex and the City”, which is a continuation of the series. Two years later, another sequel film was shot – “Sex and the City 2”. The creators of the picture do not break the tradition – the cast remains unchanged. In addition to Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall starred here. The role of Carrie Bradshaw brought the actress a huge success.

Sarah Jessica Parker managed to work in the films “Spinning Into Butter”, “Life Without Dick”, “Failure to Launch”, “Dudley Do-Right”, “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. In all these films, the actress played the main roles, invariably receiving high critical acclaim for her work.

Jessica Parker in the movie “Family Stone, The”

She brilliantly performed the role in the film “Family Stone, The” and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

In the movie “New Year’s Eve” (2011), the actress played a supporting role, but Parker never turned down good roles.

In the TV series “Divorce” (2016), Jessica reappeared in the title role.

Jessica Parker in the TV series “Divorce”

At the beginning of 2019, the star again appeared in the image of Carrie Bradshaw. She was invited to appear in an advertisement. After that, the actress received a lot of questions from fans hoping for the continuation of their favorite series.

Parker played a supporting role in the film “Here and Now” (2018). Her partners on the set were Simon Baker and Renee Zellweger. Fans highly appreciated the brilliant work of the actress in this film.

Personal life

Jessica has never been short of fans. A blonde girl with a non-standard appearance in her younger years was very amorous, her strong energy attracted the most enviable young people.

Jessica Parker with Robert Downey Jr.

For seven years, she dated a colleague, Robert Downey Jr. After breaking up with him, she fell in love with actor Nicolas Cage.

Jessica Parker with Nicolas Cage

The third novel of the actress made not only her relatives worry but also a good half of all America. Then she met with the son of the tragically deceased president – John Kennedy Jr.

The romantic relationship with actor Matthew Broderick lasted for six years. Then they got married. The celebration was held in full compliance with all Jewish canons and traditions. The actress’ own father, Stephen Parker, professed Judaism. This religion became especially close to the actress in adulthood, returning to the roots was a balanced, conscious decision for her. For this reason, she considered the wedding held in the synagogue of the Lower East Side to be the only right decision.

Jessica Parker with Matthew Broderick

In 2004, the long-awaited firstborn, James Wilkie Broderick, appeared in the family. In 2009, twins Tabitha and Marion were born into the family. The babies were carried out by a surrogate mother, and they became a big reason for joy. Jessica has always believed that children are the main incentive in life.

The actress is a very wise woman. Many people remember the times when media representatives vied with each other to spread rumors about Broderick’s romantic relationship with a young waitress. It all started as usual, with playful SMS messages, but then the couple began to meet at the apartment of Matthew’s friend. Several photos have appeared in the media, exposing the tender relationship of a married man and a waitress. Despite the heartache, Sarah forgave her husband, putting warm relations in the family above her own pride.

Did Sarah Jessica Parker have plastic surgery?

Sarah still holds the title of a style icon and is admired and envied. But it is clear that it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to deal with age-related changes.


Despite the fact that Parker’s prominent nose is considered her feature, the actress had rhinoplasty in her youth.

Experienced plastic surgeons claim that she removed the hump on the bridge of her nose and reduced the tip of her nose. But experts note that the operation was carried out qualitatively and allowed to preserve the individuality of the appearance of the actress. The face began to look more neat and feminine.

Fans noted that with age, Sarah’s nose has become more elegant, although Parker herself denies having a nose job.


Sarah has noticeable wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, but this does not mean that the Hollywood star does not do cosmetic procedures.

Sarah, herself frankly admitted that she resorted to the help of plastic surgery to restore the beauty and youth of the face. She thinks that at her age it is quite justified. Her profession requires an excellent appearance.

It is noticeable that Sarah has not done cosmetic procedures for some time. Deep facial wrinkles appeared on her face again, and the oval of her face began to sag. But she used to do contouring with fillers and botox injections. It is very likely that before filming, she will resume the procedures – wrinkles will be smoothed out, and her face will acquire the usual freshness.


Sarah Jessica Parker did blepharoplasty. Closer to the age of 50, wrinkles appeared on the skin around the eyes, the eyelids began to sag, bags formed under the lower eyelid. Injection techniques could no longer help in this situation. As a result, she decided to do a lift of the upper and lower eyelids. This restored her look to its former expressiveness.

Breast augmentation

In addition, Sarah Jessica Parker did a boob job. After the operation, the breast of the actress began to look more elevated and voluminous.

If you look at the photos of Sarah in her youth and more later her pictures then you can see the enlarged size breasts. Especially noticeable is in Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfits with deep cleavage – her boobs just pop out of clothes.

The Beauty Evolution of Sarah Jessica Parker

Jessica managed to keep her beautiful figure. She has always been a great fashionista, and after the role of Carrie Bradshaw, she was called a real style icon at all. Then the outfits for the filming were sewn by Patricia Field herself.

However, makeup and hairstyle were not always the strong side of her appearance. Sarah loves experiments, non-trivial combinations of colors, shades. Sometimes she had unsuccessful experiments with hair and provocative makeup. Currently, she has moved from risky experiments to pleasant moderation. A minimum of makeup – light eyeliner, lipstick of nude shades, noble hair color really adorns the actress.

From an ordinary girl to a style icon: how the main star of the TV series “Sex and the City” Sarah Jessica Parker changed throughout her life.


Young Sarah was very proud of her luxurious natural-colored hair and wore perky bangs.


In the mid-80s, Sarah’s hair curled in a small demon, and a duet of mother-of-pearl shadows and mother-of-pearl lipstick made her the main fashionista of New York. Whether it will still be!


Fortunately, Sarah’s fascination with hair accessories was short-lived, but the actress adored various playful headbands.


For a long time, Jessica Parker did nothing with her hair. The biggest experiment was to fix the hair with a hairpin at the back of the head. By the way, the young star did not work hard with makeup either. What a beauty she is!


But the period of naturalness did not last long. Soon the actress cut her hair, painted, and even began to use red lipstick, which she categorically did not suit.


However, red lipstick was nothing compared to this wine-colored lips and the most boring styling, which could spoil even Sarah’s luxurious hair. Plus 10 years – instantly!


Blue shadows and brown lipstick – the fashion of the 90s was just merciless!


A very unfortunate hairstyle.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s experiments with blonde and straight hair were generally successful, and the light bronzer looked very beautiful.


The next blonde coloring of the actress was not as successful as the previous one.


So we got to one of Sarah’s main beauty failures! In 2002, it was as if she specifically wanted to look as bad as possible. Otherwise, we cannot explain these yellow shadows and the brown contour around the lips. And we’re not talking about her hairstyle…


Red lipstick, pink eye shadow!


The curvy curls framing the face and the shadows emphasizing the color of the eyes looked very appropriate.


Sarah puts her hair smooth and has a very specific face shape.


But in 2006, the actress’s hair looked just great: we like both the color and the healthy shine. By the way, it was during this period that Sarah finally found “her” eye makeup that was especially suitable for her — with black eyeliner.


It still seems to us that smooth hairstyles have never been a star’s strong point. Loose hair suits her much more!


Beautiful makeup with the effect of radiant skin and an emphasis on the eyes, and no less beautiful hairstyle: the actress’s hair can only be envied.


By nature, Jessica Parker has an incredible density of hair, so her hairstyles often look great.


Sarah has always been creative, so she can come to a social event even with such a strange huge hairstyle.


Great hairstyle!


Sarah had a hair color that seemed to shimmer in the sun.


Sarah does great makeup – smokey-eyes, black eyeliner, nude lipstick, and perfect facial tone.


However, sometimes she surprises us with very bold and creative images. Sarah can turn her appearance on the red carpet into a real theater!


Of course, we understand that this image was somewhat grotesque and theatrical, but the actress should still have refused silver shadows.


This is how Sarah Jessica Parker has been looking for the last five years – flawless coloring, a slightly careless haircut on long hair and, of course, her feature is black eyeliner, which makes the look more expressive and mysterious.


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