Rose McGowan, Before and After

By | February 8, 2022

Shocking actress Rose McGowan has always attracted the attention of fans with her extraordinary appearance. Quentin Tarantino proclaimed her his muse, after which she repeatedly appeared in his art-house paintings. But the most significant for her was the role of the younger half-sister of Paige Matthews in the series “Charmed”.

However, now the actress is simply not recognized, after she survived a terrible accident, the girl’s face changed.

What happened to the face of Rose McGowan?

It happened in 2007 when a young actress was sitting in the backseat wearing sunglasses. The car got into an accident and the glasses broke damaged the right side of the face and eyes.

“After the accident, my appearance changed so much that I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror,” Rose admitted.

Now McGowan will never look the same again. Due to the fact that the actress’s eyes suffered the most, her facial features lost their former feature.

In addition to physical injuries, the girl went through a long stage of psychological rehabilitation. After a long depression, the actress realized that an accident could put an end to her career.

Rose still talks with pain about what happened, even though many years have passed.

But despite the accident, Rose was able to recover and start working as before. Now the girl not only continues shooting in films but also tries herself as a director.

Musical activity is also a part of the actress’s life. In 2014, Rose decided to officially start her career as a singer.

She was able to survive many difficulties and show that despite the changes in appearance, you can remain the same person. She proves that the main thing is inside.

Now Rose McGowan looks great and tries not to remember the look that scared her in the mirrors.

Plastic surgery

The girl went through many plastic surgeries in order not to lose her career and regain her former beauty. The eyebrows, eyes, and cheekbones of the actress were modified.

The mimicry and charm of the actress, with which she so excited the imagination of fans, has changed. The insecure girl could not stop at surgeries to restore her appearance and used a number of cosmetic interventions.

To remove the scars after the accident, Rose McGowan turned to plastic surgery specialists. After the surgeries, there were no scars left on her face, and her facial features changed.

The shape of the eyebrows and eyes has become different. Rumor has it that Rose McGowan had a nose job, eyelid lift, botox injections, and lip augmentation with fillers.

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