Rachel Bilson, Before and After

By | April 22, 2022

Rachel Bilson’s snow-white smile. The actress whitened her teeth.


Rachel Bilson became famous thanks to the TV series “The O.C.”, where she played a young representative of the California golden youth, who is obsessed with fashion and beauty. To get into the image of a rich girl, Rachel not only tried on expensive outfits, but even specially whitened her teeth: so she wanted to achieve maximum external compliance with her heroine.


In real life, the actress has repeatedly stated that beauty should be natural, so she has a negative attitude to plastic surgery and too bright makeup. At the same time, she is a real fan of dental health: Rachel prefers not to change the natural shape of her smile, but regularly visits the dentist and does not eat food harmful to teeth. After the release of the series “The O.C.”, she sometimes allows herself to undergo the procedure of professional teeth whitening, because the audience remembered Bilson for her snow-white smile.

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