Pink, Before and After

By | June 4, 2022

Pink became popular in 2000, she has never been one of those who choose restraint in appearance. During her rather long career, the singer changed her image more often than anyone else. At the same time, she is an opponent of the fashion for plastic surgery. Let’s compare how she looked in her youth and how her appearance has changed now.


Beautiful teeth are always on trend.


Pink loved showing her teeth to the public so much that no photo shoot was complete without her trademark smile. And in 2006, the singer decided to insert gems into two side teeth. She subsequently swallowed one of them.


In pursuit of fashion, the singer changed her tomboy style to glam punk, for which she put in order not only her wardrobe, but also her teeth – she took off jewelry from them and did professional bleaching and inserted veneers.


Beauty evolution

Alicia Beth Moore, aka Pink, was born on September 8, 1979 in Pennsylvania, USA.

Alicia spent her entire childhood in Doylestown. Her father often sang and played guitar for her daughter, so she dreamed of becoming a rock star from early childhood.

Alicia didn’t particularly like school and skipped classes at every opportunity. Instead, she spent time in dance halls and clubs.

In her teens, she began writing lyrics and became a member of several musical groups, but none of them became successful.

In 2000, Pink began her solo career. At this time, she chose the “naughty teenager” style with a catchy pink hair color, bright makeup and a haircut for a boy. She also stood out with her clothes: wide jeans with a low waist and massive belts.









Pink married professional motorcycle racer Carey Hart in 2006.


Pink opened to the public from a new side a little later. There was more femininity in her outfits, thanks to muted tones, skirts and dresses. Following the fashion, the singer was able to keep her peculiarity and stand out from others.





In 2011, the couple had their first child, daughter Willow Sage Hart. Pink was happy, but one fact upset her very much — the singer gained weight during pregnancy.

And yet she went on a diet and began to train hard. It took her a whole year to get back in shape.






After the second pregnancy in 2016, Pink admitted that she gained extra weight and did not worry about it at all. She does not respond to negative comments from Internet users who compare her to a man and criticizes her for an unfeminine figure.



Now the singer has given up pink hair, but she left her haircut almost the same as at the beginning of her career.


“Stay away from scales and plastic surgeons!” is the advice Pink gives to his fans.

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