Penelope Cruz, Before and After

By | October 2, 2021

“When she comes to a social event, everyone turns in her direction. Men forget about the ladies they came with, and look only at her. She has a truly hypnotic power, which is difficult to resist,” those who saw Penelope Cruz for the first time once said so.

Did Penelope Cruz do a boob job?

In her youth, she was different. She was considered thin: indeed, her breasts were hardly planned in those years. They say that breast surgery changed Penelope Cruz’s life, helped her acting and modeling career.

Penelope has such a scandalous image that not every reporter will dare to ask her questions about plastic surgery and the attitude to aesthetic surgery in general. Therefore, detailed information about this has not yet been received from the star itself. But still, there are suspicions that anatomical implants are hidden under her curvy forms.

How did it all start?

“I want to become an actress!” – this decision was made by Penelope Cruz when she was still a teenager and had just watched the film “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”, shot by Pedro Almodovar.

At that time, Penelope was firm in her decision and began to take the first steps towards a great acting future. Even then, the first proposals began to pour in. Young and fragile, but at the same time bold and bold… This is exactly who Penelope Cruz seemed for the monsters of the movie business.

Charming from a young age, she has never been distinguished by large breast size. In her early years, she was often referred to as a “girl-boy” with an angular figure and a thin build.

In the regions where she was born, many women have curvy shapes and pronounced outlines of the figure: big tits and buttocks, a predisposition to fullness is characteristic of many Spaniards. Penelope Cruz stood out noticeably among her “friends ” with an excessively thin waist and elegant wrists.

When was breast augmentation done?

Around the age of 25-30, Penelope had a boob job. Around those years, her figure noticeably changes, acquires rounded shapes. This is clearly visible in the photos.

Since then and to the present time, the actress most often wears things that further open and emphasize her breasts.

But such a pronounced breast augmentation is difficult to achieve with the help of the push-up effect. Most likely, the bust of Penelope Cruz is the result of mammoplasty.

What was the result?

Probably, the plastic surgeon of the actress chose modern anatomical implants for her, which made it possible to increase the volume of the boobs, give them a beautiful shape.

After the operation, Penelope Cruz began to play the main roles in movies more often, she had an affair with Johnny Depp. Rumors began to circulate that the sultry beauty likes to break hearts and avoids serious relationships.

True or not, Penelope Cruz’s breast plastic surgery has clearly played a big role in her career and personal life.

At least, she became one of the brightest actresses of cinema. Every famous director dreams that she will star at least in one of his films.

What does Penelope Cruz look like now?

For many, she is a sex symbol beyond time, a conqueror of hearts, and a muse. Even after 45, she managed to maintain an appetizing shape, an ideal figure, and seductive beauty.

Penelope Cruz’s breasts look simply incomparable. If this is not a gift of nature, then it is definitely the result of the operation.

What plastic surgeries did Penelope Cruz do on her face?

Penelope Cruz, although she strenuously denies the fact of the rhinoplasty, also changed the shape of the nose, shortening it a little. By using a nose job the actress removed the hump on the bridge of her nose and corrected the tip of her nose, due to which it became straight and narrow. This allowed her to soften the lines of her face.

The appearance of Penelope Cruz at the recent Venice Film Festival left few people indifferent: the actress looked brilliant — even better than ever.

What is it: properly selected skincare, plastic surgery, or the wonders of cosmetology?

No injections!

That’s what Penelope said a few years ago. The star has repeatedly told reporters that she considers aging a natural process and sees no point in fighting it with radical methods.

“I want to look in the mirror and see my real self, according to my age,” the actress claimed.

But is it possible, given her active facial expressions, to keep her forehead without a single wrinkle?

Cosmetologists believe that it is unlikely. The most likely use of Botox and fillers, but it seems that the actress is more comfortable keeping it a secret.

The actress has a great smile and snow-white teeth. She probably installed veneers. Her lips look natural.

Diet and exercise

When it comes to questions about nutrition, Penelope is more talkative. Beauty starts from the inside, and what you eat is directly related to how you look. The star’s diet contains a lot of vegetables and fruits, legumes, cereals, and nuts, but she has long refused animal protein and sweets. In addition, Penelope practically does not drink alcohol, because it provokes swelling and rashes.

Bikram yoga, dancing, and pilates – that’s what doesn’t go through almost a single day without. “This is how I relieve stress,” says the actress. She admits that stretching and yoga charge her with positive energy, so she tries not to miss classes, even when she is on set and on vacation.


The actress always has well-groomed hair. Her mother worked as a hairdresser, and as a child, Penelope adored watching the transformations of women in a beauty salon.

Unfortunately, the knowledge about the care of curls did not save her from her own mistakes. In her youth, the star bleached her hair and restored it for a very long time after that.

Since then, Penelope is categorically against radical coloring and is not ready to give up her principles even for the role. If her role has to be blonde, as, for example, it was in the TV series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”, she puts on a wig.

In addition to gentle hair coloring, Penelope likes to do salon treatments and in everyday life tries to dry her curls naturally, avoiding hot styling.

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