Nina Dobrev, Before and After

By | May 15, 2023

Nina Dobrev became famous after the role of Elena Gilbert in the series “The Vampire Diaries”. She achieved high results in her career and became one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Her appearance has always been an object of attention. There are more and more photos on the Internet comparing Nina Dobrev before and after plastic surgery. Are there such changes in reality, or is it all rumors and speculation? Let’s figure it out.

Nina Dobrev before plastic surgery

“The Vampire Diaries” is a series that made famous the sexy Nina Dobrev, who played the role of Elena Gilbert. In 2017, the last season was released. Fans who used to follow their favorite actress on the screen for 8 years, now watched her life outside the series. And at some point, fans stopped recognizing the cheerful Nina Dobrev. Over the years, the girl has changed, which has given rise to rumors about plastic surgery.

The pleasant face of the actress with an open light smile and expressive eyes has changed a lot. Nina blamed everything on growing up and age—related changes, and fans – on the poor work of makeup artists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery

Over the years since the filming of the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”, Nina Dobrev has changed a lot. We are sorting out with experts what kind of cosmetic procedures could be done by a celebrity who, according to many, has lost her individuality.

From the familiar Elena Gilbert from the series “The Vampire Diaries” there is practically no trace left. The pretty and charismatic Nina Dobrev turned into an adult woman without those “smiling” eyes, for which millions loved her.

Many fans of the actress are sure that she resorted to plastic surgery. This does not surprise anyone — Hollywood stars often go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. But most often in this way they struggle with age-related changes or complexes. However, it is unclear what Dobrev was struggling with.


The first thing that the fans noted: the fervent look beloved by many disappeared, and the actress was suspected of blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). Fans and experts based their assumptions on before and after photos.

Experts believe that the actress did not blepharoplasty, but a forehead lift, thanks to which the tips of her eyebrows rose and her eyes opened slightly. This is a low-traumatic operation, thanks to which the upper third of the face looks much younger: wrinkles become less expressive, and the overhanging eyelid disappears.

Plastic surgeon’s comment:

The first is the eyes and eyebrows of the actress. We see that the ends of the eyebrows, that is, their tails, have become higher, and this could happen after surgery. Most likely, she did an eyebrow lift, or a forehead lift. The eyelids opened, the eyebrows became higher, everything was done perfectly. Even if there was an operation, it is unnoticeable.

Judging by the photos, if you compare before and after, the height of the forehead has changed. It can be concluded that the actress underwent an endoscopic forehead lift. But it can also be assumed that the Bish lumps have been removed. Or Nina just lost weight.

Endoscopic forehead lift allows you to rejuvenate the upper third of the face and eliminate ptosis of soft tissues, smoothes wrinkles on the forehead, raises eyebrows and eyelids, makes the look more open and youthful, eliminates a sullen facial expression.

The advantages of such an operation are its low trauma and a quick rehabilitation period (about two weeks). The surgeon makes small incisions in the scalp, most often in the area of the temples, then with the help of an instrument peels off the skin of the forehead, moves it higher and fixes it. Such an intervention lasts no longer than two hours, and the result lasts up to 15 years.


Suspicions that the girl resorted to botox injections arise due to the fact that she does not have wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes, which appear with excessive facial expressions.

Despite the fact that the girl has a cheerful disposition, there are no wrinkles around her eyes on her face, which are formed due to a constant smile. It’s rare at her age. Due to the lack of facial wrinkles around the eyes, the girl’s fans came to the conclusion that she resorted to Botox injections.

Lips, cheeks, cheekbones

Nina Dobrev in her youth had plump cheeks and a rounded face with thin lips. At the beginning of her career, the actress was often advised to increase the volume of her lips with filler injections or to have lip augmentation surgery. But Nina believed that it was too early to resort to injections at a young age. The girl often did makeup with an emphasis on her eyes, and put a gloss of pastel shades on her lips and looked dazzling.

But over the years, her face has elongated, her cheekbones have stood out, and her lips have become plumper.

It is difficult to say what led to such metamorphoses: weight loss or aesthetic medicine. Fans are wondering: has the beloved star changed her principles? But if the work of plastic surgeons on Nina’s face is invisible, then the new approach to makeup chosen by makeup artists is obvious.

Light makeup, which the actress previously preferred, was replaced by brighter makeup. Unfortunately, fans did not appreciate the new image of the star of the series “The Vampire Diaries”. “Elena is not the same as before,” the celebrity subscribers wrote on social networks. However, the actress herself does not comment much on rumors about plastic surgery.

Did Nina Dobrev have a nose job?

Rumors about Nina Dobrev’s rhinoplasty appeared after the release of the first season of the series “The Vampire Diaries”. However, since early childhood, the actress’s nose was already neat and small. Nina Dobrev herself denies nose surgery. She claims that her childhood photos are a vivid confirmation of this.

But if we compare Nina Dobrev photos before and after the nose job, we will see that her nose has become more elegant and thin.

Did Nina Dobrev do a boob job?

There were many rumors about the fact that Nina Dobrev had breast augmentation surgery. Some people think that her tits are quite big for her body shape, but many believe that they are real.

Indeed, the actress does not have the smallest breast size. But when comparing photos of different years, there were many doubts about the fact that she has breast implants. The shape of her breasts is the same as in her youth.


In America, a lot of attention is paid to a smile. Nina has never had serious problems with her teeth, nothing is known about this. Since the first season of the series “The Vampire Diaries”, her smile has been on public display. Over the past years, no drastic changes have occurred with the teeth.


The first thing Nina’s fans noticed was incredibly beautiful natural hair: thick, shiny and silky. From the first day of filming of the series until their end, Dobrev’s hairstyle almost did not change.

If, according to Nina, the paint can damage the hair, then a haircut is a favorite way to change the image. After leaving the series “The Vampire Diaries”, the girl often changes the length of her hair, makes short haircuts.

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