Nicole Scherzinger, Before and After

By | June 27, 2021

Nicole Scherzinger gathers crowds of fans not only because of their talent but also because of her attractive appearance. The famous singer of popular songs throughout her career looks great and tries to follow fashion trends. Nature has awarded a girl with rich external potential, and she used the possibilities of modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to improve her appearance.

Nicole Scherzinger in her youth and now

The girl spent her childhood in the town of Louisville, Kentucky. Here she attended an art school and prepared for future success in the vocal field.

At the age of 23, participation in the Popstars project gave the singer the opportunity to become the vocalist of the new group Eden’s Crush. The singles were popular, but the band still broke up. The second chance for popularity was a solo work under the pseudonym, Nicole Kea.

But the peak of Nicole Scherzinger’s popularity fell during the period of “The Pussycat Dolls”. With the appearance of Nicole in the team, the ratings of the already famous group went through the roof.

In her youth, Scherzinger was actively working on the shortcomings of her own body, and openly demonstrated her athletic success at concerts and thematic photoshoots.

Nicole Scherzinger started her solo career in 2007. At the same time, MAXIM magazine awarded the singer, who has become more elegant, the 22nd place in the hundred hottest girls of the year.

For eight years, the star was in a relationship with Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, but the union broke up.

Now Nicole is not only a singer and songwriter but also a music producer. She starred in the film “Men in Black 3”, and also took part in the role of a judge of the popular vocal show “The X Factor”.

Before and after plastic surgery

Asian facial features are especially noticeable in the photos of Nicole Scherzinger in her youth. With cosmetics, she achieved amazing results, emphasizing her already bright appearance and giving her a touch of sexuality. The star has always preferred a healthy lifestyle and body care with the help of natural remedies.

In an interview, the singer has repeatedly stressed that she is not against plastic surgery and considers it a rational decision in the fight for her own beauty and youth. Until recently, Nicole claimed that she did not use the services of aesthetic medicine. Because as the singer herself says,

“First of all, you must accept yourself and love yourself.”


In the spring of 2015, the press was full of headlines about Nicole Scherzinger’s plastic surgery. Such an information boom was a consequence of the pictures taken by photographers when the popular performer appeared in public in a new image and with bleached hair. Everyone was worried about the question, did the star really decide on rhinoplasty?

The opinions of experts agree on one thing, if Nicole Scherzinger really did the nose job, then the doctor corrected the nose in the best way. But some fans are inclined to believe that a more refined nose shape is created due to successful makeup.

Lip injections

The reason for talking about the celebrity’s lip augmentation was the selfie of Nicole Scherzinger, where the more curvy lips are clearly visible. Cosmetologists say with one voice that the volume of the upper lip was enlarged with the help of filler injections.

Breast augmentation

When comparing photos of Nicole Scherzinger before and after plastic surgery, experts note the contour of the breast implants.

At the same time, Nicole Scherzinger’s boobs look natural and proportional.

After the boob job, she looks like a sexy beauty and maintains a bright and well-groomed appearance.

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