Natalie Portman, Before and After

By | July 22, 2021

Even fans of everything natural are not averse to resorting to the help of plastic surgeons when it comes to their own appearance. An example of this is Natalie Portman, who, being a vegetarian and an adherent of organics, installed breast implants and changed the shape of her nose. Let’s find out what prompted her to make these bold decisions.

Natalie Portman before plastic surgery

To remember how Natalie Portman looked in her youth and before plastic surgery, is enough to review the cult film “Léon”. There, a 12-year-old actress plays the main character, Matilda.

It was after this film that a real success came to her. A fragile brunette with expressive facial features and a large characteristic nose has become in demand by directors in a variety of projects.

Already at such a young age, Portman decided to link her career with the film industry and remake her appearance in order to achieve success for sure.


Natalie Portman got a nose job when she was 14 years old.

Today, operations are not performed on patients at such a young age. It is necessary to wait until the bone-cartilage system is finally formed in order to correctly assess the necessary amount of correction and not harm it.

However, rhinoplasty was performed so efficiently and accurately that many even doubt it. External changes of Natalie look like natural age-related changes.

However, if you look closely, there are certainly obvious results from the operation, the asymmetry has been corrected, the bridge of the nose has become even, and the nose is more elegant and shorter in general.

Natalie does not comment on this plastic surgery in any way, but she does not deny it either.

Breast augmentation

The actress was often accused of having no boobs, and one publication even called her breasts “infantile”. The situation worsened during the preparation for filming in the film “Black Swan”. Natalie spent several hours a day doing fitness and ballet and as a result, lost weight, and her breast became almost flat.

However, soon Portman became pregnant, and her tits rounded naturally. The star liked it so much that after the end of lactation, she decided to do the boob job and install implants.

As a result of breast augmentation, the star became the owner of a neat, feminine, and toned bust, which she often shows in dresses with a neckline.


Many people noticed that after the birth of her second child, Natalie Portman began to look older than her age.

In life, paparazzi often catch her at the most inopportune moments, when she is on the street without makeup or hairstyle.

But in photos and magazine covers, on the screen, and in TV shows, she still looks stunning.

Natalie can not be suspected of excessive fascination with fillers and hypertrophied facial features. However, experts believe that she still had the experience of contouring.

Due to significant weight loss before filming, her face lost the necessary amount of subcutaneous fat and began to look tired and exhausted.

Therefore, there is an opinion that before shooting in the Dior advertisement, her face was put in the order with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

Although she may have had a facelift.

The celebrity again left without comment the question of whether this is true or not, as well as other assumptions about her plastic surgery.

She just smiles mysteriously, showing off her luxurious appearance.

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