Michelle Obama, Before and After

By | November 29, 2022

Biography of Michelle Obama. How did she look in her youth and how has her appearance changed now? Is Michelle Obama a transgender? Did she have plastic surgery?

Childhood and youth

Michelle was born into the Robinson family, in which not only she was born, but also her brother Craig Robinson, who later became a basketball coach. Michelle did not intend to connect her life with sports, she wanted to do socially useful things.

At first, she was focused on proper education: she entered Princeton University, where she studied at the sociology department. Michelle was concerned about the fate of the African-American population in society and even defended her dissertation on this topic in her last year. Then the girl decided to go to Harvard Law School and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws.


Michelle started her career at the Sidley Austin law firm, engaged in marketing and intellectual property protection issues. But already in 1992, having worked in this organization quite a bit, Michelle wanted to change the situation. She became an assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard Daly, and later received the position of Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Development. In 1993, she decided on another venture and took up the work of the well-known youth non-profit organization Public Allies.

Michelle’s active public position has not gone unnoticed. She began to receive new job offers: in 1996, she was invited to take up the position of assistant to one of the deans of the University of Chicago. A little later, in 2002, Michelle began working at the Academic Medical Center of the same university, receiving the honorary post of Executive Director for Public Affairs.

Already being the wife of Barack Obama, in 2007 Michelle began to actively support her husband in the presidential race that had begun. She made a lot of statements and responded to the statements of skeptical voters. Michelle argued that the authorities should allocate funds not for military operations, but for the development of education and healthcare. This opinion was liked by many, and in this way Michelle helped her husband to increase the chances of winning. It is known that Barak asked his wife for advice if he needed to develop a speech to address the people.

After Obama was elected president, Michelle became the first lady of the country and moved to the White House with her husband. She made the residence of the head of state a real family nest: she equipped the premises, and planted a vegetable garden in the garden, where she began to grow environmentally friendly vegetables.

Almost every action of hers attracts attention. Fashion critics closely monitor her style and speak very approvingly about it, and politicians are trying to assess the degree of influence on the activities of her husband, President Obama.

Personal life

Michelle Obama met Barack at the Sidley Austin company, where the young man was sent to practice. Michelle was already an experienced specialist, and she was made a mentor of the “beginner”. But their relationship became not businesslike at all: they started dating. Michelle and Barack got married in 1992 and went through a lot of difficulties together. 7 years after the wedding, their first daughter Malia was born, and in 2002, the second, Natasha, was born. After Obama became president of the United States, their family life in the country began to be considered exemplary.

Plastic surgery

Experts who have studied Obama’s photos agree that Michelle did, if not plastic surgery, then at least botox injections around the eyes, as well as in the area of the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose.


If you look at the photo from 2009 and earlier, you may notice numerous wrinkles around the eyes and movable brow ridges.

While in later photographs, the number and severity of wrinkles have significantly decreased, and the eyebrows are fixed in a slightly elevated state.

American plastic surgeons explain these changes by the characteristic effect of botox. There have also been hypotheses that the former first lady had an upper face lift, but most representatives of the beauty industry disagree with this statement.







Michelle Obama can be proud of her beautiful and healthy teeth. In the photo, the wife of the former US president most often smiles, showing snow-white teeth. However, there are questions about crooked teeth.

“Position of the upper lip (yellow in the photo) indicates an imperfect position of the upper jaw,” explains the dentist. – “The inclination of the lateral teeth on the left (in the photo – green) is most likely a consequence of the small number of contacts during chewing with the upper teeth. The front teeth of the upper jaw (pictured in red) are tilted forward and most likely do not contact the lower ones. Perhaps that is why we see mamelones (teeth) that have not worn off on the lower teeth (in the photo – blue). All these are signs of an open bite.

There is a certain probability that the crown is still there (in the photo – gray). This is indicated by: a local loss of the gum and a lighter shade of the tooth itself. It is quite predictable: after all, the main load during chewing, due to the pathology of the bite, falls on this side.”

“In general, the situation is satisfactory only due to the excellent quality of tooth enamel. However, orthodontic surgery may be required to correct the bite,” the dentist adds.

Is Michelle Obama a transsexual?

I was surprised to learn that it turns out that a bike is walking on the Internet with might and main – the wife of former black US President Barack Obama is actually a transsexual man!

Is the former first Lady of the United States still a woman or a converted man?

Of course I understand – Michelle is far from the most beautiful and definitely not the most feminine first lady of America. Tall height, roughness of features, powerful limbs (in particular, she has big feet size)… And yet I see her as a woman! Nuance — an African-American woman with their characteristic physiological specificity! But not a man, friends!

By the way, the famous American tennis player Serena Williams is also suspected of a sex change, and therefore in a grandiose scam. After all, she allegedly competed against real women, being a converted man, only because she won:

“Only whites can carry such heresy, completely forgetting that black women can be quite different from whites due to the specifics of the Negroid race. They are bigger, more massive, and not always pretty on the face. But this does not stop them from being women,” said Serena Williams.

In the revealing videos, the sources of which are the US Internet sites, allegedly irrefutable evidence is given that Michelle Obama is actually a certain Michael Lavon Robinson. He was born a man on January 17, 1964 in Chicago (Illinois) from a street prostitute Marian Shields Robinson, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1998.

Michael was a popular high school athlete who then suddenly dropped out. He underwent his first sex reassignment surgery on January 13, 1983 at Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

To start a new life, the guy left the state of Oregon and entered Princeton University under his new name Michelle Robinson. After some time, he met Barack Obama (rumored to be gay), with whom they married and adopted two girls.

This is an alternative biography of the former first lady, whose husband, after becoming president, did a lot for the LGBT community. For example, he finally legalized same-sex marriage in the country and even appeared on the cover of the magazine for sexual minorities “OUT” while still in the presidential chair.

For the first time that the US president can be gay and his wife is transgender, said American actress Joan Rivers. When asked by a journalist when there will be a gay president in America, Joan replied: “We already have one – Obama. And his wife Michelle is a transsexual. We know that.”

An elderly woman three months after her loud statement, she died in the hospital due to “negligence of doctors.” As the media reported, Joan Rivers was injected with an overdose of a potent drug. Doctors, according to the findings of the Department of Health and Welfare of the state of New York, did not notice their mistake in time and continued the procedures, despite a sharp drop in the oxygen level in the blood of the actress.

The fact that Michelle Obama has masculine features has been discussed quite often on the Web. Particular attention of users was attracted by her arms, shoulders and various bulges that appear where they should not be in a woman. In the photo, the wife of the former president of America has something resembling a male sexual organ in shape.

Earlier, an activist of the opposition movement Jerome Corsi stated about the possible unconventional orientation of Barack Obama. Back in 2004, he made a sensational statement, accusing the head of the United States of having a homosexual relationship with a roommate during his studies at Columbia University.

He also released information that Obama was raised by a transsexual named Evie. More precisely, Evie was his nanny, but in his spare time he secretly stole lipstick from Obama’s mother, put on a woman’s dress and visited certain institutions:

“I collected archival data and documents and I am sure that I have enough evidence to assert: our president is most likely a closeted homosexual. My job is not done to condemn Obama, but to understand why he hid it for so long,” Corsi said in his blog.

Someone will surely see a hidden message in this photo…

Ordinary Americans at the time of Barack Obama’s election campaign were not prepared for the fact that he would turn out to be gay, and his wife was a transsexual. Despite the general propaganda of tolerance, the majority of the US people were not yet progressive enough at that time. He was “burdened” with prejudices about traditional family values and love exclusively between a man and a woman. People were not ready to consciously elect a black homosexual president.

The White House chief of staff and his personal basketball coach were also attributed to Obama’s lovers. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said that Obama in the 90s, when he served as an Illinois senator, was a regular at the Mans Country Chicago bath club. This institution, which has existed for many years, is known as a gathering place for gays. Madsen said that he had met with knowledgeable sources who reported that there was evidence that Obama had been to this bathhouse already during the 2008 election campaign.

The reporter claims that it was unknown for a long time that Obama was a member of the club, since few people knew him in those years. Then, in the first half of the 1990s, the future president taught at the University of Chicago Law School, and became a state senator in 1996. However, regular visitors of the club remembered him and, in particular, reported that he used to come on Wednesdays.

Madsen received information that Obama met gay people not only at the club, but also during basketball matches with his participation. However, so far none of the sources have agreed to officially confirm that they saw Obama in Mans Country Chicago. Moreover, he was informed that agents of the “Secret Service” allegedly seized the computer and the database of the club’s clients.

Madsen believes that such a step would make sense only if Obama’s marriage is a screen behind which he hides his homosexual orientation.

These statements may have a right to exist, but the degree of their reliability is significantly reduced by the fact that only the president of Mans Country Chicago, Chuck Renslow, has so far agreed to open contact with journalists. According to him, not only was Obama not a member of the club, but he had never been here at all.

“I knew him when he was a state senator, then a federal senator, and I can say that he did not visit the club,” Renslow said, while admitting that other well-known politicians often visited this institution. He also denied information that Secret Service was interested in the club’s database.

Any USA president becomes the hero of a sex scandal, this is a political tradition of America! Examples: The sexual relationship of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky.

Barack Obama did not escape a similar fate, but with one caveat – men are recorded as lovers of the first black president of the United States.

A certain Larry Sinclair claimed that he had an intimate relationship with Barack Obama when he was still an Illinois senator. Then the White House administration managed to expose Sinclair as a liar, and few people believed his revelations.

Washington Insider, summarizing in its article the homosexual rumors around Barack Obama, wrote about another potential lover of the US president — his personal trainer and “special assistant”. Former basketball player Reggie Love received a salary of $104,000 a year for his “specific” services.

And here’s another insider drain: Mia-Maria Pope studied with Obama at the Hawaiian “Punahoe High School”. She recalls that in his student years he never came close to girls, but was strictly in the company of gay young men. Everyone knew about his orientation perfectly well.

According to Professor Steven Pieczenik, it was a common practice for the CIA to recruit mentally disadvantaged people to future presidents in order to have compromising evidence on them in the future and manage them. For example, Bill Clinton’s mother was a prostitute and kept a brothel. Obama was brought up and corrupted by his nanny, or rather by a transgender man, who turned him into a homosexual. Stephen also mentions Hillary Clinton’s lesbian preferences and her numerous novels. The presence of compromising material is the main component of the personal file of the future president!

Opposition leader Jerome Corsi once publicly demonstrated a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate at a Republican Party meeting in New Jersey, trying to prove through a specialized program that it is a fake. Later, the Obama administration “cleaned up” the witnesses. The main ones who could shed light on the pedigree of Mr. Obama died suddenly.

“And not everything is clean with Obama’s wife. Michelle Obama is a transsexual. By marrying a transgender man, he created the appearance of a normal marriage, but, in fact, continues to live with a transvestite man,” the opposition politician believes.

Where did the children come from?

As you know, Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann was born on July 4, 1998, and her sister Natasha, whom everyone calls Sasha— was born on June 10, 2001. The times are relatively recent, mobile phones are just beginning to appear, but everyone had decent cameras, as well as inexpensive amateur movie cameras. Videos and photos with their offspring were made by everyone who was not lazy. The vast majority of parents of that time have stacks of glossy family pictures.

But allegedly, there are almost none in the Obama family. There are no infant photos of the elder Malia with her parents. There is not one photos of a pregnant Michelle. Joint high-quality photos appear only when the sisters have already grown up slightly.

In addition, people claim that it is visible to the naked eye that the daughters of the Obama couple are not very similar to their parents. This became especially noticeable when the girls grew up.

There are no birth certificates and registration records of the Obama daughters. Such records are publicly available about all the children of previous presidents. Especially when there were any doubts. There is no official information about Malia and Sasha. Empty!

Since rumors about the homosexuality of Obama and his transgender wife have spread in alternative sources, many are trying to resolve the question – where did the girls come from? Who are their parents? Kidnapped? Were they taken out of Africa in a special way?

Some time ago, a version began to circulate, like very similar to the truth. The Obamas have family friends — a black couple, Marty Nesbitt and his wife Anita Blanchard. They often meet, spend a lot of time together. Anita is a doctor by profession. The daughters of Barack and Michelle may be the biological children of this couple, taken “for rent”.

And what? Comfortable. Sisters and their real parents see each other regularly, go on vacation together. Girls are constantly in front of their dads and moms, growing up in luxurious conditions, getting an excellent education, having world fame, profitable grooms are provided, and so on. What’s wrong? In principle, if the Nesbitt and Blanchard family really “lent” their own children to their high-ranking friends, they can be understood. The profit from the deal for the future has fully justified itself.

Okay, let’s say. The children were sorted out.

And what about Michelle? Are there any proofs that she is really transgender?

The American far-right TV presenter Alex Jones said at the time on the air of the program “Info Wars” that the former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama is a transsexual. According to the journalist, there is irrefutable evidence of his theory. In his program, he cited videos and photographs, which, for example, show a bump in the groin area in the folds of the dress or trousers of Barack Obama’s wife. In addition, Jones showed two fragments in which the former US president speaks of his wife as Michael, and then corrects to Michelle. One of the incidents occurred on September 30, 2011, during his speech addressed to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Fort Myer, Virginia.

But, to be honest, I don’t believe that Michelle is a transsexual!

Here is a childhood photo of the former First Lady of the United States. Where is this boy here? A real girl!

And here she is with her own brother. Michelle on the right, if suddenly someone does not see the difference between a guy and a girl.

Michelle was born in conservative 1964! If she had been a boy, no one would have allowed her to wear girly dresses and braid pigtails.

So I consider the version about the sex change of the former first lady to be untenable and not withstanding any criticism! Maybe we should be much more skeptical of different Internet whistleblowers and believe less in their conspiracy theories, which they put forward one more than the other stupidly for the sake of hype.

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