Megan Fox, Before and After

By | October 12, 2020

Megan Fox is a popular Hollywood actress and fashion model, one of the most beautiful women of our time. In full accordance with the era, she does not refuse to use the achievements of modern cosmetology and plastic surgery.
If you carefully look at the photos and screen images of the star, you can say with confidence that she had rhinoplasty, made breast augmentation, used fillers to correct the shape of her lips and Botox injections.

Way to glory

Before the fateful movie “Transformers”, the girl constantly went to film casts, but received only minor roles. Perhaps, she would have remained the star of episodes, but a lucky chance and a huge work on herself turned her into a star of the first echelon.

Today it’s hard to believe, but Megan Fox before the operation was an ordinary girl with a lot of complexes. Her stepfather constantly snapped at loved ones and never supported Megan in her quest to become an actress. And the priests in the Church, where the future star went to perform in the choir, forbade her to appear there: they did not like her bold outfits and bright makeup.

But the lack of understanding on the part of others did not affect her desire to become famous.
In the early 2000s, she managed to get a role in the Comedy “Sunny vacation”, in which she starred with the world-famous Olsen sisters.

Then there was a short, but memorable appearance for the entire male population of America in the popular TV series “Two and a half men”.

Then Meghan found herself in the shadow of another rising Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan. In the 2004 Comedy “Star of the stage”, Megan played a popular and scheming high school girl who plots against a new student.

Finally, in 2007, real luck smiled on her, she was given a leading role. The actress should thank Director Michael Bay for this, who was just looking for new faces for his movie “transformers”.
He believed that the actress will be able to get used to the image of a strong and bold character. And so it happened: both the Director and the audience were satisfied. Two years later, she starred in the second part of “Transformers”.

But, despite the fame and large fees, Megan Fox never reconciled with her appearance and began to radically change herself, as evidenced by the photos before and after plastic surgery.

I think that all the actors are in the shower feel a sense of self-doubt. And it is this feeling that pushes us into show business. Especially women.

Beauty transformation

Megan Fox is an example for many women who want to improve their appearance through plastic surgery and cosmetology. At the beginning of her acting career, Megan looks like a sweet and pretty girl, and after all the transformations, she becomes a fatal beauty, the dream of millions of men. Not only has Megan Fox’s appearance changed, but her behavior has also changed. She began to constantly pose with her mouth half open and learned to make a languid look. After several years of acting failures and constant problems with self-esteem, the actress finally felt confident!

Breast augmentation

Megan began to be invited to star in candid photoshoots and a large bust was only supposed to strengthen her fame as a charming beauty. The breast augmentation work was done very well and her updated bust fit seamlessly into the overall proportions of the figure. And only a perfectly smooth shape and a pronounced wide cleavage indicate the installed implants.

However, in 2011, Megan removed the implants. But in 2014, on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where Megan played April O’Neil, we again see a Megan with lush breasts.

So we can say for sure that there was a surgical correction.


Regarding the naturalness of her lips, Megan put it this way: “My lips are my lips”. Which, in general, is neither confirmation nor refutation of the use of injections. But in principle, any more or less understanding person is clear that the lips are enlarged. The shape of Megan’s lips remained the same, but the fillers added volume to them. The cosmetologist did everything very delicately and professionally. The difference between the actress’s lips is very clearly visible in the films of 2007 “Transformers” and 2009 “Jennifer’s Body”.

After some time, the experiments ended and Megan’s lips took on a completely natural shape.


Megan Fox corrected the back of the nose, nostrils, and lifted the tip of her nose. This added softness and her whole image became more feminine and noble. The photo shows how much these changes have affected the appearance of the celebrity.


The actress’s cute cheeks were beautiful in 2007, but later there were more defined and expressive cheekbones. Again, everything all very carefully, but with maximum effect. It is difficult to say how exactly this beauty was achieved. Maybe implants, maybe just hyaluronic fillers. Thanks to this correction, the face became clear and expressive.


Before undergoing plastic surgery, Megan Fox had a beautiful chin shape. Therefore, the correction only slightly transformed the face of the actress, it became a little neater and clearer. If you look closely, you can see a barely noticeable scar under the chin, which confirms the fact of the operation.


The drug makes its beauty artificial. This is clearly seen in a 2010 photo where the actress poses at the premiere of the film “Jonah Hex”.

Judging by Meghan’s perfect forehead, it’s safe to say that Botox injections have been. The girl periodically denies this, but the professionals are sure that the injections were in the area of the mouth and forehead.

And to dispel all the talk about Botox, she posted photos on her Facebook page in June 2011 with the caption “this is something you can never do with your face after Botox.” On them, Megan shows active facial expressions: wrinkles her forehead, raises her eyebrows – that is, she does everything that is impossible to do after Botox injections.

This “proof” is at least unconvincing, because it is well known that Botox does not work for more than six months, after which facial expressions are restored. The conclusion suggests itself that Megan Fox acquired the ability to wrinkle her forehead at the very end of the action of the Botox injection, demonstrated this to the public, and then gave the injections again.


After installing veneers, Megan made her smile perfect. The upper gum is no longer visible.


The envy of a considerable number of women is not at all the ideal shape of the nose, neat breasts, but one of the few components of Megan Fox’s appearance, the naturalness of which is beyond doubt – the cut of her eyes.
Plastic surgeons, whom women often ask to make them look like some Hollywood celebrity, argue that the most popular part of Megan’s face is her eyes, which have not yet been corrected and are naturally beautifully shaped.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Another event that excited the audience is a photo of the star without makeup. The actress wanted to convince everyone of her naturalness. Undoubtedly, Megan is very good in the photo, but largely due to expressive eyebrows with permanent makeup and extended eyelashes.


As the star says, her hair is her pride. It’s true that Megan’s hair is perfect. Natural, long, voluminous curls of natural color. Modern and fashionable haircuts star does not like, believing that they only spoil everything.


In total, Megan Fox has eight tattoos on her body, the most famous image is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm. The tattoo has faded and will eventually disappear completely, as the actress gets rid of it with laser resurfacing. Experts say that the process of tattoo removal will take several years.


A large number of women envy Megan Fox’s slim and toned figure. The star constantly monitors his body. To maintain excellent shape, the actress eats only plant-based food and regularly exercises.

Megan Fox now

The star admitted that the family idyll made her reconsider her views on life. She no longer wants to pose half-naked and take part in bed scenes. Although it is difficult to imagine her without the role of a daring seductress.
Today, Megan Fox is a successful actress, a wonderful wife and a mother. The pursuit of modern standards of beauty is no longer her priority.

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