Marilyn Monroe, Before and After

By | January 28, 2023

Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane) is one of the most outstanding actresses of the XX century. Let’s see what Marilyn looked like in her youth and how her appearance changed after numerous plastic surgeries on her face and body.

Marilyn Monroe in her youth

Plastic surgery

The Hollywood legend, it turns out, was also not against plastic surgery. Marilyn underwent breast augmentation surgery, rhinoplasty and inserted an implant in her chin.

And yet no one believed that she resorted to plastic surgery. Most people thought her beauty was natural and didn’t want to believe the gossip. No one had any doubts about her natural beauty and charm. But plastic surgeons made a sensational statement: Marilyn Monroe performed at least three operations to change her appearance.

The experts’ guesses were confirmed by the medical record and X-rays of Marilyn Monroe. The documents were put up for auction. In November 2013, a lot was put up, representing six X-rays and medical records.

An unusual lot was presented by an unknown seller. Representatives of the Julien auction house told the press that an anonymous seller received X–rays from the personal doctor of the movie star – Michael Gurdin.

X-rays of Marilyn Monroe and medical records of a plastic surgeon will finally put an end to the dispute about whether the actress resorted to plastic surgery or the appearance was given to her by nature.

The auction house was provided with X-ray images of facial bones, indicating surgical operations to correct the shape of the nose and chin. Additional evidence is the records in medical documents. Plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin wrote that an operation was performed to implant cartilage in the chin.

In Gurdin’s notes, it is noted that in 1950, cartilage was inserted into the actress’ chin, which gradually dissolved.

In 1950, the star performed two plastic surgeries at once – breast augmentation and chin correction. She had cartilage implanted in her chin. Thanks to the implant, Marilyn’s chin line has become clearer and more expressive.

The X-ray confirmed these assumptions. The actress underwent three plastic surgeries. She did a boob job, changed the shape of her nose and chin.

After 8 years, Monroe turned to doctors again. X-rays of the star indicate that the implant implanted in her chin has dissolved. However, experts did not take drastic measures.

Nevertheless, the pictures confirm that Gurdin did a great job – he implanted cartilage in Marilyn’s chin and performed rhinoplasty, corrected the shape and size of the nose.

Monroe’s last photographs date back to June 7, 1962. They were made two months before the death of the star. The actress fell on the set and hit her face. Dr. Gurdin took an X-ray to make sure that the bones of the skull remained intact.

The X-rays shocked her fans. They could not believe that the beautiful Marilyn decided on such a radical step, and her beauty is the result of the skillful work of Mr. Gurdin.

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