Margot Robbie, Before and After

By | January 12, 2022

Margot Robbie is a Hollywood celebrity, actress, and producer. She starred in several dozen box office films, the most famous of which was “Suicide Squad”.

Childhood and youth

Margot was born into an Australian family on July 2, 1990. The girl was raised by her grandmother, who owned a small farm in the outback. Little Robbie survived childhood trauma when her father abandoned her, two brothers, and a sister. The man left the house, leaving his wife with four children in her arms. The future actress could not forgive her father and never communicated with him again. She understood perfectly well how hard it is for a mother who has shouldered all the worries of providing for her children. The woman worked as a physiotherapist – conducted classes with the elderly and young disabled people.

By nature, Robbie was an inquisitive child, so in her childhood, there were many hobbies: theater club, water rowing section, dancing. Most of all, the girl loved surfing, since the region of residence seemed to be specially created for this activity. Margot spent her summer holidays at her grandmother’s farm, where she chopped wood like a real woodcutter.

After receiving a school certificate, the young beauty entered college. In parallel, she worked at three jobs: a waitress in a diner, a maid in a hotel, and a beach souvenir seller. Thus, the girl tried to help her mother a little.

Margot had been saving money for a long time and having collected the necessary amount, she went to Melbourne. There she entered acting school and began going to auditions. All this time, Robbie didn’t stop working.


Starting her way to fame, the Australian actress was her own manager and agent. She learned about upcoming auditions and other news of the film industry from newspapers or by word of mouth. Some of Margot’s screen tests were successful, but her characters were so insignificant that her last name was not even called in the credits.

Soon, luck finally smiled on the girl: she was noticed by director and producer Aash Aaron, who began work on the thriller “I.C.U.” The aspiring actress appeared in the first positions, and her partners were Christian Redford and James Dean.

Then there was a selection for the popular project “Neighbours”. Considering the casting a failure, Margot went on vacation to Canada. A few days later, the vacation had to be interrupted: the girl was informed about her approval for the role of one of the roles.

For about three years, Robbie literally lived on the set of the series. She had to work almost around the clock, so busy was the schedule. The efforts of the young actress were not in vain: she received two prestigious film awards for her participation in “Neighbours”.

The last episodes of “Neighbours” were filmed in the winter of 2011. By that time, the idea had finally matured in the actress’s head that it was time to go conquer Hollywood.

The girl participated in auditions and after months of trying to find a job, Robbie finally got an offer to play a flight attendant in the new project “Pan Am”. The series was not successful, and the creators had to curtail it after the first season. But for a budding movie star, he became the door to the world of big cinema: she was finally noticed by famous directors. Robbie herself believes that her real creative biography began with “Pan Am”.

A year after arriving in the States, the actress was invited to the fantastic drama “Boyfriend from the Future”. And in 2012, an event happened that made her a real star. We are talking about filming in the Oscar-winning film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, recognized by the American Film Academy as the best film of the year.

After the deafening premiere of the film, Margot woke up as a star. Glossy publications vied with each other to publish photos of the blonde, and cinematographers showered her with dozens of offers.

Robbie’s figure is the envy of millions of fans around the world. If it is necessary to demonstrate body for filming, the girl treats it calmly. In addition to “The Wolf of Wall Street”, piquant shots of naked Margot can be seen in the films “Suite Francaise”, “Focus” and “Z for Zachariah”.

Margot Robbie in the movie “Suicide Squad”

In 2016, the blockbuster “Suicide Squad”. The film grossed over $700 million at the box office, including thanks to a brilliant cast of Will Smith, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney, and Jared Leto. The sensational fantastic project was awarded an Oscar statuette.

In the same year, Margot Robbie appeared in the adventure film “The Legend of Tarzan”. The film was highly appreciated by critics and viewers, and the size of its box office exceeded $ 350 million.

Another interesting project with the participation of the star is the drama “Mary Queen of Scots”. Here Margot appeared in the image of Elizabeth I.

After becoming a famous actress, Robbie decided to try herself as a producer. In 2017, under her leadership, the picture “I, Tonya”. The project has collected several prestigious awards, and Robbie herself received an Oscar for it.

Personal life

The actress does not hide the fact that many stormy events have happened in her personal life. In her youth, she had a series of short novels, among which, according to the press, there was a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 2016, Margot Robbie married Tom Ackerley. The wedding was held without wide publicity: only relatives and close friends were present at the event.

Plastic surgery

Margot has naturally plump lips and wide, thick eyebrows, and beautiful eyes, which she emphasizes with makeup. But followers suspect the star of using plastic surgery.

It is rumored that at the beginning of her career, the film star had rhinoplasty and liposuction operations. Fans made such a conclusion by comparing recent photos and pictures taken at the dawn of cinematic biography. Previously, the actress had a wider nose and plump cheeks, but now the situation has changed. Margot doesn’t deny one thing: she regularly visits the dentist and does procedures in the beauty salon.

We found out from an expert whether the actress resorted to plastic surgery.

Margot Robbie is liked by the audience, she is charming and very attractive. What’s so special about Margot? Most likely, the fact that there is no vulgarity in it. The actress looks natural, despite the fact that she has made some changes to her appearance.

Of course, it is difficult to talk about changes in the appearance of an actress, seeing her only on the screen and in photos. Nevertheless, it is still possible to talk about some changes. There are not very many of them, and they are made so filigree that only a specialist can notice them.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the shape of the nose. Compared to the photos of a decade ago, the nose began to look more refined, it became narrower, the tip of the nose looks neater and smaller. This suggests a correction: apparently, Margot Robbie had a nose job, which allowed her to give her nose a new shape. Which really suits her and gives her an aristocratic appearance.

The second point is a change in the oval of the face. In the early pictures, Margot Robbie’s face looks wider, now the oval is clearly outlined. Perhaps the actress resorted to such a procedure as the removal of Bichat lumps, and then corrected the lower third of the face (lips, cheekbones, chin) with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

The third point is the well-groomed skin of the face, which is “read” through makeup and literally attracts attention. The actress pays a lot of attention to her skin and probably uses hardware techniques and injection procedures.

Margot Robbie is the best example of the trend for naturalness in beauty. Minor, barely noticeable changes that only improve the appearance, adding attractiveness while maintaining individuality – that’s what the actress demonstrates to fans. Even when changing something, stay yourself!

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