Madonna, Before and After

By | March 22, 2023

After the presentation of the Grammy-2023 Award, a scandal broke out: Madonna said that she was photographed from an unfavorable angle. The thing is that the singer was hit by a wave of negativity because of the changed appearance. So what happened to Madonna’s face?

Madonna at the Grammys 2023

For the Grammy Awards, Madonna prepared a fiery speech, and fans and paparazzi were only concerned about her updated appearance. The 64-year-old singer appeared on stage in a pantsuit, tie and with a whip in her hand, but journalists noticed not an outrageous image, but a puffy smooth face. Madonna instantly reacted to unflattering words in social networks and the media: allegedly her appearance was distorted by a long-focus camera.

“Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech, many people preferred to talk only about my close-up photos taken by a press photographer with a long-focus camera, which would distort any face!”

The singer believes that she has fallen under the influence of ageism and misogyny, and society still dictates to women how they look and dress at a certain age. She never fit into this framework and demonstrated will, diligence and enterprise. These words of justification go against the statements of a decade ago, when Madonna said that she did not pay attention to ageism, sexism and the opinions of others.

In 2012, Madonna stated: “I’m not against plastic surgery, but I’m absolutely against discussing it.” She adheres to this position until now and does not comment on changes in appearance, so experts have only to guess what Madonna did with her face.

Plastic surgeons believe that the singer did another circular facelift, endoscopic eyebrow lifting and got too carried away with fillers and botox. Experts noted the reduced size of the eyes and the pointed tip of the nose — indirect signs of a facelift. Botox and filler injections are indicated by the absence of facial expressions, unnaturally high cheekbones and a V-shaped face. The proportions of the face are also violated by thin eyebrows, unnaturally plump lips, voluminous hairstyle.

Plastic surgery

I must say that this is not Madonna’s first plastic surgery. The attractive appearance and the audacious image of the “bad girl” have always been a special singer.

According to experts, the singer of the Vogue hit turned to plastic surgery for the first time closer to the age of 40. Comparison of the photos before and after suggests that Madonna had endoscopic lifting and blepharoplasty. On the threshold of her 50th birthday, the Hollywood star got carried away with fillers and botox: her face distorted, became puffy and at the same time sedentary.

A decade later, the singer seems to have done a complex of rejuvenating operations again. Fans barely recognized the transformed idol, and the media attributed Madonna a facelift, braulifing, circular blepharoplasty and numerous injections.

As a result of these manipulations, the cheeks were sunken, the cheekbones, on the contrary, were excessively protruding, and the chin acquired an unnaturally sharp angle.

In an interview, Madonna has repeatedly mentioned that she is prone to fullness and is afraid to gain extra weight. Her incentive was constant dissatisfaction with herself and the desire for perfectionism. Unfortunately, age takes its toll, and hormonal changes are difficult to reverse. The singer fell in love with closed outfits, but remained faithful to corsets.

“In the world of music, aging is a sin. You will be criticized, and you will not be included on the radio.”

In addition to plastic surgery on the face, Madonna is credited with plastic surgery on the body: breast augmentation surgery, liposuction, lipofilling and even buttock augmentation with implants. But the singer always watched her figure. Already in the 1980s, when sports among celebrities were not mainstream, Madonna regularly trained with a coach and demonstrated a beautiful relief body at concerts. Thanks to her good form, the singer arranged incredible dance shows, sang live for several hours in a row and visited the fitness room until the 9th month of pregnancy.

Of course, the stage image of a cheeky girl and a real Madonna are radically different. She is surprisingly efficient, challenges herself and the public and still remains in the information field.

Transformations of Madonna in 2020

It seemed that this insanely talented and eccentric singer could no longer surprise the audience. Candid outfits, bold clips, romances with young handsome men — all these fans have already seen. But the beauty transformations of Madonna in 2020, many plunged into shock. Let’s see what the star did to herself this time and what the result was.

What happened to Madonna?

In August 2020, on her 62nd birthday, Madonna posted pictures on Instagram in which her followers barely recognized her. The photos showed a striking brunette with a narrow, thin face, taut skin, plump lips and a special squint in her eyes.

But more recently, the greatest singer had quite rounded cheeks, nasolabial folds and wrinkles, which looked quite normal at her age.

Fans immediately expressed the opinion that Madonna decided to make herself such a kind of gift and seriously transformed her face with the help of a plastic surgeon. The assumption turned out to be correct, and the job was done — a huge one.

What kind of plastic surgery did Madonna do?

The beauty transformation of the main sex symbol of the 1990s was discussed not only by fans, but also by specialists of aesthetic medicine. They agreed that Madonna had a whole range of plastic surgery.

First of all, it is noticeable that chubby cheeks have disappeared. And appeared the depressions in the middle third of the face. Obviously, it was the removal of Bichat lumps, to create a more contoured facial appearance of the face and give the cheekbones more definition.

The star also had a circular facelift, so that removes the stretched skin. The result was an unnaturally toned face contour. The fact that this operation was performed is indicated by the ascending facial features. Now the corners of the eyes and lips are directed upwards.

In addition, blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids was performed, during which removed small fat hernias and smoothed out wrinkles. Endoscopic eyebrow lifting helped to bring the look to perfection.

Transformation 2020 is not the first experience of contacting specialists of aesthetic medicine. Madonna regularly uses botox injections, and a clear oval face and good skin-toned are maintained with injections of fillers.

It’s no secret that back in the early 1990s, the star had rhinoplasty and changed the shape of the nose.

She also did breast augmentation with implants. At different periods, Madonna’s boobs suddenly increased and her bust became lush.

In 2019 Madonna was suspected of butt augmentation. During her performance at the Stonewall Inn bar, she wore tight-fitting trousers that showed off her outstanding buttocks. The opinions on this score are divided. Fans are sure that the star inserted implants. But some believe that this effect arose because of an unsuccessfully tucked shirt.

After plastic surgery in 2020, Madonna visually began to look much younger and the new image, apparently, reflects her inner state. However, fans do not like that she has ceased to be like herself. They say with one voice: “Give us back the former Madonna!” But it seems that the star herself is completely satisfied with herself and, as always, does not pay attention to other people’s opinions.

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