Lee Min Ho, Before and After

By | February 15, 2022

The perfect appearance of most Korean actors leaves no doubt that they often use the services of plastic surgeons. However, fans are sure that their idol Lee Min Ho, if he did something, it was minimally and out of necessity. Perhaps Lee Min Ho’s story is exactly that case. Let’s find out.

Biography of Lee Min Ho

The famous Korean actor, singer, and model were born in 1987 in Seoul. As a child, he was fond of football and martial arts but was very shy. Lee Min Ho’s self-confidence was helped by studying acting at the Conguk Institute. It was there that representatives of the modeling business noticed a nice guy and began to offer cooperation. In parallel, he went to auditions and already in 2009 found fame after starring in the film “Boys Over Flowers”.

Over the next years, Lee Min Ho starred in several projects, including the youth film “The Heirs” and the TV series “City Hunter”. Thanks to these works, which brought him worldwide popularity, in 2013 a wax figure of a Korean-idol appeared in the Madame Tussauds Museum.

The guy continued to act in films, and in 2017 released his own music album and regularly appears on the pages of fashion magazines. Despite his young age, there are several dozen film awards in his piggy bank, and the star is not going to stop there.

Lee Min Ho’s personal life

The actor’s first novel, which was talked about in the press, happened in 2011. The relationship started with a colleague on the set Park Min Hye on the set of “City Hunter”. However, a year later, the couple broke up, as the tight filming schedules did not leave time for meetings at all.

Since 2015, Lee Min Ho has been dating famous Korean singer Suzy. Fans were discussing rumors about their upcoming wedding and were waiting for the official announcement of the date. However, in 2018, the stars announced a breakup, the reasons for which were kept secret.

Lee Min Ho before and after plastic surgery

It’s no secret that almost all Korean stars changed their appearance with the help of plastic surgery, and Lee Min Ho was no exception. However, the actor himself confesses only to rhinoplasty, which, according to him, had to be done only to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

The accident occurred in 2006, and recovery required many months of rehabilitation. During this time, the actor had to abandon many projects, but then he started filming with a vengeance. The operation helped to align the bridge of the nose and make the nose higher.

In addition, fans suspect the guy of blepharoplasty. It is made in order to give the eyes a European cut due to the formation of a fold on the upper eyelid. In addition, the bags under the lower eyelids became less noticeable.

When Lee Min Ho is asked in an interview about how he looks after himself, the guy replies that he is not particularly worried about this. The idol of millions admits that he has been prone to edema since childhood, so he does not strive to look perfect.

However, subscribers and grateful viewers think otherwise. For them, Lee Min Ho is the owner of a perfect appearance, regardless of what plastic surgery he did.

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