LeAnn Rimes, Before and After

By | May 31, 2022

Country singer LeAnn Rimes, winner of two Grammy Awards and three national country Awards. Let’s compare how she looked in her youth and how her appearance has changed now.


LeAnn Rimes fixed the defects of her smile so that everyone around her would stop calling her a “horse.”


It turns out that in order to get a Grammy at the age of 15, it is not necessary to have a thoughtful image and a perfect smile. Living proof of this is American country singer LeAnn Rimes.


In order to become the owner of perfect teeth, the singer visited a dental clinic for several years. According to official data, veneers were installed on her, the so-called gingival smile was eliminated, and also, perhaps, they worked on the bite. Critics described the new image of LeAnn in the following words: “At least she looks less like a horse.”

Plastic surgery

Rumor has it that singer LeAnn Rimes (before and after pictures) was unhappy with her small breasts and decided to have breast augmentation surgery back in 2010.

The piquancy of the situation is that being a brave girl, LeAnn turned to the same surgeon who performed plastic surgery on the breast of her boyfriend’s ex-wife Eddie Cibrian. She not only turned to the same doctor, but also demanded for herself an exact copy of the breast of her lover’s ex-wife!

Judging by the photo, a boob job was successful.

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