Lea Michele, Before and After

By | September 24, 2023

Lea Michele regularly gets on the lists of the most attractive Hollywood stars, but the actress herself does not consider her appearance special. However, years later, she also appeared in the news about plastic surgery. The actress herself assures that she did not do any operations. Is it so? Let’s compare the photos and see how she looked in her youth and how she changed after.

Before plastic surgery

The star of the musical series “Glee” Lea Michele was born in 1986 in the Bronx in an ordinary family that has nothing to do with art. Parents noticed their daughter’s creative streak and moved to Tenefly (New Jersey) for her education. The girl attended classes at the performing arts center, and at the age of 8 she got to the first auditions for a musical. Lea easily passed the casting and got her first role, and a year later she was already performing on the stage of the Broadway Theater.

After graduation, the girl entered the university, but was unable to combine a busy tour schedule and study. Lea Michele preferred the theater. In 2009, the actress starred in the musical series “Glee”, which brought her worldwide fame. After the project, the girl released her debut album and became a welcome guest on television.

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Actress and singer Lea Michele spoke openly about the pressure from agents and managers: they strongly recommended rhinoplasty. Did the girl succumb to persuasion for the sake of a television career?

Lea Michele’s career was developing rapidly, but the producers predicted a great future for her after rhinoplasty. However, the actress said that she loves her appearance as it is, which even became the plot for the series “Glee” — the heroine Lea Michele compared herself to Barbra Streisand and refused to have a nose job. The actress herself assures that she also did not do rhinoplasty.

“I love my nose because it’s mine and reminds me of my father. As a child, I worked on Broadway and dreamed of shooting in a movie. From an early age, I was only 13 years old, agents told me that in order to get on television or on the covers of magazines, I would have to have a nose job,” the actress admitted.

Lea Michele believes that she made the right decision: “I wanted to look at myself in the mirror and see my face. I am grateful to myself that I stayed true to the principle and made the right choice.”

But despite the assurances of the actress, fans argue and compare photos of Lea Michele before and after the alleged nose job. In some photos of the star of the series, the nose really seems smaller, but it’s difficult to determine what the reason is — rhinoplasty or makeup.

Removal of Bish lumps

I already thought that this operation had ceased to be popular. But no, celebrities continue to do this procedure to demonstrate their sexy cheekbones and cheeks.

At the end of 2022, Lea Michele was again in the spotlight and provoked discussions about plastic surgery. Lea posted a selfie and compared herself to Lucia, a beautiful Sicilian girl from the TV series “The White Lotus”.

However, Internet users immediately started talking about the fact that her face had changed. Fans found not a resemblance to the heroine of the series, but signs of removing lumps of Bish. To be honest, I tend to have a similar opinion. What do you think? Let’s compare photos of Lea before and after facial surgery.


Did Lea Michele have lip injections?

Looking at her face, it is also noticeable that her lips have become a little bigger. She probably had filler injections for lip augmentation. This is a completely normal cosmetic procedure for celebrities.

Breast augmentation

Did Lea Michele do a boob job?

In photos of different years, her breasts look a little different. In some cases, her tits look bigger and it may seem that she has had plastic surgery. Some people think she has breast implants. However, a good bra can also change the shape of the breast.

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