Lady Gaga, Before and After

By | August 10, 2021

The appearance of Lady Gaga is often discussed even more often than her creative achievements. Despite the fact that the singer is among the topmost successful performers almost every year and attracts directors with acting talent, the media still mainly discusses her outrageous exits, crazy outfits, and daring photos.

What plastic surgeries did Lady Gaga have?

Lady Gaga considers herself a philanthropist and often says that plastic surgery is only for the weak. She loves her appearance along with all the flaws. However, conservative views did not prevent her from having breast augmentation and a nose job.

“Appearance is not the most important thing. That’s what I want to convey to people. I demonstrate this idea with my images. Every detail of my clothes is a cry of the human soul, that our body and our youth are given to us only temporarily. Therefore, you do not need to attach so much importance to this. The beauty industry constantly forces us, but this is absolutely not right! ” – so Lady Gaga said a few years ago.

At that time, it was still hard to believe that soon the star would appear in public with a new breast shape and an altered nose.

How did it all start?

Before turning to a plastic surgeon, the singer’s breasts were asymmetric and predisposed to ptosis (omission). The problem was not associated with age-related changes, as it was observed already at a young age.

This anatomical feature clearly did not bother the aspiring star. She was not afraid to show her body in very revealing stage costumes, performed in swimsuits, and appeared on the red carpet half-naked.

Lady Gaga’s breasts were often visible stretch marks, which she also did not try to hide from others.

They say that before starting her career on the stage, she had problems with excess weight. Stretch marks could appear after its normalization.

Has the question of the need for plastic surgery been raised? No one can say for sure, especially since at that time all the attention of the public was focused on the eccentric costumes that designers came up with for her.

Lady Gaga herself was completely immersed in creativity and was engaged in the release of albums, many of which brought her fame.

She was compared to Madonna, Michael Jackson, and other iconic people. And only later did the audience become interested in her.

Everyone was wondering who was hiding under huge hats, glasses, and wigs. What this girl really looks like, is her appearance close to the ideal…

After a while, when the name of Lady Gaga became known, she was more often seen in the usual “everyday” image without bright masks and trains.

Then everyone realized that in life she is the most ordinary woman, who also has flaws. The defects of her face and figure were discussed.

Many people did not understand why such a famous person did not want to use the services of plastic surgeons, despite the presence of indications for operations.

When were plastic surgeries done?

Lady Gaga did a rhinoplasty and boob job a few years ago. Perhaps she decided to change her principles under the influence of her PR manager.

Just at that time, she had a break in her career. But thanks to the operations, the public started talking about her again.

What was the result of the breast augmentation?

Was the operation successful? This is a very controversial issue. On the one hand, her breasts became larger, so Lady Gaga looked spectacular in low-cut suits.

On the other hand, many noted the serious mistakes of her plastic surgeon. The asymmetry was not eliminated, even, on the contrary, after the operation, it became even more pronounced. For some reason, the sagging of the boobs has also been preserved.

Lady Gaga did not fall into despair and continued to choose the most open dresses and translucent blouses. But after a while, judging by the noticeable improvements in the shape of the breast, she still underwent breast plastic surgery again.

The result is admirable. The surgeon managed to correct mistakes, eliminate the asymmetry of the tits, restore elasticity and perfect shape. A breast lift and implant placement were successful.

What plastic surgeries did Lady Gaga do on her face?

We decided to ask a specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine, what transformations of beauty did Lady Gaga make:

“Despite the fact that Lady Gaga strongly denies surgical interventions in her appearance, I can note that they were still, although performed by professionals and therefore as inconspicuous as possible.

If we compare her photos from different years, we can note that rhinoplasty was performed. The bridge of the nose has become more even, and the tip of the nose has been raised.

I think that the eyebrows were corrected with the help of upper eyelid plastic surgery since the overall shape of the eyelids changed and the look became more open.

Of the cosmetic procedures, most likely, the singer used botox. She made injections in the forehead and the area between the eyebrows since the wrinkles became almost invisible.

I am sure that Lady Gaga resorts to procedures for the introduction of fillers, as the cheekbones have become clearer, and the lower part of the face is outlined. And the angle of the lower jaw appeared, it became pronounced. Perhaps, she was able to achieve such an effect thanks to the removal of Bish lumps.

The correction of the lip shape with hyaluronic acid was done very delicately. Lady Gaga added quite a bit of volume, which is why her lips look so natural, although they have noticeably increased in volume.”

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