Kirsten Dunst, Before and After

By | February 24, 2022

Kirsten Dunst is an American actress whose career began in early childhood. Over the years, she has not lost popularity and has remained in demand.


Kirsten has a talented mom. She could have become famous as an artist, but she threw all her strength into raising her daughter. In addition, as a child, the girl showed great hopes, and her mother had no doubt that her daughter would glorify her entire family.

At the age of three, Kirsten received an offer to star in commercials. After growing up a little, Dunst began taking acting lessons and modeling.


Every year her popularity grew. Cheerful and direct character helped Dunst, and she was invited to entertainment shows on TV. Kirsten Dunst was noticed by director Woody Allen, and filming in his “New York Stories” became the debut of eight-year-old Kirsten in a big movie. After the release of the film on the screens, the mother took the girl to California.

The mother sent photos of her daughter to various auditions, took the girl to 30-40 film auditions a month, arranged photo auditions.

The finest hour for Dunst was shooting in the film “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles”, where the actress was lucky enough to star with stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. After filming, People magazine included the thirteen-year-old actress in the list of “The most beautiful people of 1995”.

After filming “The Virgin Suicides”, Dunst graduated from Notre Dame School in Los Angeles. The actress founded Wooden Spoon Productions together with her mother.

One of Kirsten’s most successful acting jobs was a role in three parts of the movie “Spider-Man”. At the same time, Dunst managed to work on the set of other films.

Personal life

Rumors about Dunst’s love stories often appeared in the media, but she rarely openly answered questions about her personal life.

Kirsten met actor Jesse Plemons while working on the film “Fargo” (2015). Less than a year later they got engaged, and in May 2018 they became parents. The firstborn was named Ennis Howard.

Plastic surgery

Of course, many people are interested in questions about the appearance and beauty secrets of a celebrity.

Did Kirsten Dunst have plastic surgery?

Are her breasts natural or fake? Kirsten, did a boob job inserting implants?

The actress has always considered her beauty non-standard and was proud of the uniqueness given by nature. The famous blonde had a breast augmentation, but at the same time refused to use injections of fillers. Thin lips, accentuated with bright lipstick, are still a feature of Kirsten Dunst.

The teeth of the star stick out a little forward, but it looks very cute.

In her youth, the girl did not wear braces to correct the bite. And, as an adult, the actress was in no hurry to fix her teeth.

Today her smile looks not quite Hollywood, but very neat and natural.

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