Kate Winslet, Before and After

By | January 5, 2022

Kate Winslet, an actress who plays exclusively women with a strong character in movies. This British actress woke up famous on both sides of the ocean the day after the release of “Titanic”. After that, she began to refuse the roles offered to her in blockbusters, preferring to star in low-budget independent films. For which she received many awards, including the Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA.

Childhood and youth

The actress is of British origin Kate Winslet was born in Reading in the autumn of 1975. Her parents were directly related to dramatic art – they were actors. However, fame bypassed Kate’s parents and they did not become world-class stars. However, thanks to her parents, the future star became addicted to art and decided to become an actress. In addition to Kate, there were three other children in the family who decided to connect their lives with theater and cinema. Unfortunately, only Kate managed to achieve worldwide fame.

The girl’s childhood was spent among theatrical scenery. Her theatrical debut took place at the age of 5 when she was entrusted with the role of a little angel.

And when Kate was 10 years old, her father seriously injured his leg, and it became harder for him to work. This led to even greater financial difficulties for the family. She received free meals, as well as assistance from a charitable foundation called The Actor’s Charitable Club.

At the age of 11, Winslet entered the Redroofs Theater School, where she became a prefect and took part in productions. She played in more than 20 productions, but because of her weight, she was rarely approved for the main role.


At the age of 16, after graduating from school, Winslet was approved for one of the main roles of the short BBC television series “Dark Season”.

The money received for filming in that series was not enough, so Kate worked part-time in a grocery store. One day, right during work, the work phone rang. Her boss came out and said, “It’s for you.”

“I will never forget this moment,” the actress admits, talking about how she found out that she was approved for the main role in the film “Heavenly Creatures”. Moreover, 175 young actresses participated in the casting for the role of Juliet, and Kate beat them all.

The film “Heavenly Creatures” (1994), which became Kate’s debut on the big screen, participated in a number of international film festivals and received very positive reviews around the world.

Then there were a few more movie roles. And in 1997, the actress played in “Titanic” – the film that made her and Leonardo DiCaprio world stars.

Kate Winslet was so glad that she got a role in “Titanic” that she decided to approach work with full responsibility and refused to wear a wetsuit during filming in the water. And as a result, she got pneumonia. In general, filming turned out to be difficult for Winslet, but work on the film brought the actress an Oscar nomination.

Winslet believes that the role of Clementine Kruczynski in the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004) was the best in her career. Interestingly, thanks to this role, the actress was included in the list of the 100 greatest performers of all time according to Premiere magazine.

For her vivid role of Sarah in the drama “Little Children” in 2006, Kate received the 5th Oscar nomination in her career. She was then 31 years old, and she became the youngest actor to achieve such success.

In 2009, Winslet broke her record again after playing a role in the film “The Reader” — she became the youngest actor to be nominated for an Oscar 6 times at the age of 33. By the way, for her role in the film “The Reader”, she still received the coveted statuette.

In 2012, at Buckingham Palace, Winslet was awarded a very prestigious award from Elizabeth II herself. The Queen named the actress Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The award was presented “for outstanding services to the dramatic art.”

Before filming the movie “The dressmaker” (2015), Winslet bought a sewing machine and learned to sew. She even helped costume designer Margot Wilson throughout the production of the picture, acquiring new skills.

“I always wanted to be one of those moms who can sew some cute pants, and I became one,” Kate once boasted.

Winslet has bared her body in more than 15 films. She says she feels quite comfortable in her own body and believes that if the character needs to take off his clothes, then so be it.

During her life, Kate Winslet has graced the covers of more than 300 magazines around the world.

After the British magazine, GQ published retouched photos of Kate Winslet on the cover and inside, she criticized the publication, saying that she did not want to look the way the editors made her.

Interestingly, before becoming the face of L’Oréal, Winslet agreed in her contract a provision prohibiting retouching of her pictures. In 2015, she stated that she wanted to promote a positive attitude towards her body and follow more realistic beauty standards.

In an interview, Kate said: “It may sound very strange, but I have never had the desire to become famous. I’ve never had big ambitions-never… I was fat. I didn’t know any famous fat actresses. I just didn’t see myself in this world. Because you always think you look a little different or a little different from everyone else.
I often look at women walking around the city in great jeans, high heels, and beautiful little T-shirts and think that I should make more effort. I have to look like this. And then I think: they can’t be happy in these heels.”

Personal life

Kate has been married three times. The actress’ first husband was director Jim Tripleton. In a marriage that lasted only 3 years, they had a daughter Mia.

Winslet married film director Sam Mendes for the second time. The relationship turned out to be a little longer – the marriage lasted from 2003 to 2010. From him, Kate gave birth to a son, Joe Alfie.

Ned Rocknroll – Winslet’s third husband – is the nephew of billionaire Richard Branson. Ned works for Virgin Galactic, owned by his uncle Richard. In 2013, a year after the wedding, the actress became a mother for the 3rd time: the boy Bear Blaze was born.

Richard Branson said in 2011 that Kate helped carry his 90-year-old mother out of a burning house on a Caribbean island where Winslet, her husband Ned Rocknroll, and 2 of her children were staying.

Winslet supports many charitable organizations, advocates for humane treatment of animals.

Did Kate Winslet have plastic surgery?

One of the most ardent opponents of plastic surgery and botox injections and fillers is the British actress Kate Winslet. The star considers surgical intervention in natural beauty immoral and, together with fellow actresses Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson, fights for the right of women to remain as nature created them.

But Kate Winslet is credited with two operations: rhinoplasty and liposuction.

Although the actress’s nose has not changed significantly and there is no convincing evidence that the star did a nose job.

Gossip about liposuction began when Kate appeared in public significantly thinner after the birth of a child. However, liposuction is not the only way to lose weight or get rid of extra pounds. All you need is a diet and exercise.

Are her boob natural or fake?

Kate Winslet’s breasts are natural, she did not do breast augmentation and did not insert implants.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t hear anything good about my body from any woman in the family. Neither from my mother nor from my older sister. There was only criticism. It’s a pretty destructive thing because you’re programming yourself to have a terrible attitude toward your appearance. I was overweight, with big feet, and bad hair. So now, when my daughter Mia and I find ourselves in front of the mirror, I say: “Look how lucky we are that we have beautiful forms! That we have breasts and buttocks.” And imagine what she immediately said to me: “Mommy, I know. Thank God!” So I try to rid my daughter of those negative thoughts that haunted me as a child.” said the star.

The Beauty Evolution of Kate Winslet

How a red-haired sweet girl turned into a real red carpet star with impeccable taste and restrained style.


Kate Winslet at the very beginning of her career. Only natural blush, no makeup, and an open smile.


Obviously, as a teenager, Kate wasn’t too friendly with makeup. Black eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids, eyebrow pencil, a little powder – and forward to new achievements! In all this fuss about the condition of the hair, you can completely forget…


In 1996, Kate dyed her hair for the first time in a reddish shade, which lingered with her for a long time. However, as well as the bright shine of a coral shade.


The more often the actress went out, the brighter her beauty images became. Such a hairstyle, for example, today seems completely unsuitable for the red carpet, but then, in the late 90s, Kate simply adored these bunches!


This is how we remember Kate Winslet during her stellar role in Titanic: red curls, light pearl shadows, and bright lipstick. Good!


Then, however, something happened to the actress: for a long time, she wore a haircut without any volume.


In 2000, Kate Winslet gave up red hair and dyed her hair bright blonde for the first time — a historic event!


The queen of minimalism Kate Winslet managed to come to events with a smooth bun, almost without makeup, and look very good at the same time!


It is worth noting that the eyebrows of the star always looked natural.


At some point, Kate decided to abandon conciseness and experimented with color. Not too well…


The “spring” type of Kate’s appearance is very suited to warm shades, for example, this coral lipstick combined with an almost complete absence of eye makeup.


Very rarely, Kate Winslet still experimented with shadows, light smokey eyes, and shimmering lip gloss.


Such images suit the actress very well: the curls framing the face look gentle and feminine.


What was that? A stylist’s joke? Or did Kate just not have time to wash her hair before the party?


That’s what a real nude face is – Kate Winslet is just an expert in this kind of makeup!


One of the best beautiful images of Kate. Radiant skin with a light tan and no less radiant hair, careless haircut, and styling.


It took a long time before Winslet learned how to use shiny shadows correctly.


An impeccable image in the spirit of “Golden Hollywood”: a smooth wave, clear eyebrows, and makeup that emphasizes the green eyes of the actress.


For Kate, this is a real experiment — black eyeliner on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. By the way, it looks good, but this makeup was spoiled by a too dense tone and a layer of powder that emphasized a light fuzz on the face.


Finally, she found her shade of red lipstick, which is nothing compared to the photos of the early 2000s. It took more than 10 years!


And again, the most natural image, but a slight emphasis on the eyes still would not hurt.


The right thin arrows go to absolutely everyone, and Kate is no exception.


It seems to us, or did Winslet’s makeup artists spy this contouring from the Kardashian sisters? In the case of Kate, it looks a little ridiculous: we are used to seeing her without aggressive makeup and brown eyeliner on the lower eyelid.


This spectacular blonde with red lipstick looks great!


This year Kate returned to gentle images. Pink-brown shades on the eyes, cold nude lipstick, and pale skin – in this picture Winslet resembles the Snow Queen, no other way.


Kate is back in a natural way, but she has bet on a warmer shade of lipstick, and a light tan is noticeable on the skin. She’s just beautiful!

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