Kate Middleton, Before and After

By | July 27, 2021

For many years, Kate Middleton has been under close public scrutiny. The position of a member of the royal family obliges her to look 100%. At the same time, radical changes and plastic surgery are not welcome at Kensington Palace. But it seems that the Duchess has found an effective and barely noticeable way to preserve youth. And yet the main distinguishing feature is a radiant smile, for which she is loved not only in Britain but also around the world.

Before plastic surgery

The prince’s wife was a very cheerful girl as a child. It is not surprising that it was an open sincere smile, revealing large white teeth, that became the distinguishing feature of her image.

At the same time, Kate began to develop facial wrinkles around her lips and at the corners of her eyes quite early. The skin color and relief also left much to be desired.

The fact is that before marrying William, the Duchess spent a lot of time studying and social projects, pushing self-care into the background. However, I must admit, this did not prevent her from remaining a charming beauty.

When the romance of the famous couple ceased to be a secret and Middleton began to appear in public more and more often, she most likely began working with beauty specialists. The result was a noticeable transformation, an even skin tone, perfect styling of shiny hair, a stylish impeccable wardrobe, and not only.

Before and after botox injections

Fans have long suspected Kate of a passion for cosmetic injections because the mother of three children often looks unnaturally fresh. These speculations were confirmed by the leading English plastic surgeon Munir Somji. The doctor posted a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge “before” and “after” on his Instagram and noted that Kate is a fan of “baby botox”.

This technique is point microinjection of drugs with a low content of botox. Injections are made only in small muscles, due to which wrinkles are smoothed, the “mask” effect does not occur, but the face looks smooth, like a baby.

The photo really shows that the wrinkles on the forehead have almost disappeared, and the eyebrows have slightly raised, creating the effect of an open young look. The results after “baby botox” are maximally manifested in 3 months, the specialist notes.

Kensington Palace later denied the information that Kate uses the services of the Somji clinic, and the eminent doctor had to delete the publication, citing confidentiality.

However, many experts are inclined to believe Dr. Munir, because Kate has recently become noticeably younger and fresher. At the same time, she definitely does not have any traces of plastic surgeries and facelifts. Most likely, “baby botox” really works well on it.

The prince’s wife said in an interview that regularly does facial massage. Also, her latest beauty find is a nourishing rosehip oil for the face, which she even recommended to Meghan Markle.

Diet and exercise

Moderate nutrition, classic oatmeal for breakfast, and a protein dinner help Middleton to keep her figure in good shape after three pregnancies. In addition, she runs daily, and 3 times a week does strength training and plays tennis.


The secret of gorgeous hair lies in the regular use of shampoo without sulfates. Especially for his famous client, it was designed by the court stylist Richard Ward. They say that it is so good that Kate rarely uses additional balms or masks.


Aristocracy and refinement in everything – this is the motto of Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge compensates for the lack of volume of thin lips with radiant eyes and a chic royal smile.

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