Kat Graham, Before and After

By | April 11, 2023

American actress, singer, model, music producer and dancer Kat Graham has an exotic appearance. Let’s see how she looked in her youth and how her appearance changed after.

Kat Graham in her youth

Katerina Alexandrе Hartford Graham was born on September 5, 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. The girl’s father was a native of Liberia, her mother was a Jew of Russian origin. The family moved to the United States.

Kat Graham started acting in films early. For the first time she was on the set back in 1998. She made her comedy debut, and then the young actress appeared in episodes of TV series.

Cameo roles in TV series and films made Kat Graham a famous and popular actress, but the real fame came to her in 2009, when she was invited to the TV project “The Vampire Diaries”.


Plastic surgery

The American actress has an incredibly attractive appearance. This is not surprising, because Swiss, Russian and Jewish blood mixed in her. Obviously, it is the latter that she owes such beautiful and expressive eyes. Against the background of these eyes, you don’t immediately notice that Kat Graham’s lower jaw is strongly shifted sideways.

Such facial asymmetry can be visually corrected with asymmetric hairstyles, but Kat does not hide her asymmetry. She often chooses haircuts and styling that reveal her face. The girl has no complexes and the star is not going to plastic surgeons.

Her father’s Liberian roots “gave” the actress a chocolate skin. The star got a big nose from a Jewish mother, but Kat Graham eliminated this drawback. In 2011, she had a rhinoplasty (nose job).

Another point that I would like to mention is the beautiful shape of the girl’s body. Judging by the photo, she has a beautiful natural breast and she does not need breast augmentation surgery.

Diet and exercise

Every actress has to take care of her appearance, and Cat Graham is no exception. Also, she loves to cook very much. In 2009, the girl specially attended culinary courses.

To keep fit, Kat Graham adheres to proper nutrition. The girl does not use semi-finished products, tries to eat more vegetable food. Most often, her snack is frozen yogurt and young wheat shoots. However, the actress does not deny herself sweets, the main thing in her opinion is to observe the measure.


Sports also helps Graham stay slim. The actress tries to take long walks as often as possible, does not miss the opportunity to ride a bike. From time to time she can be found in the gym.


Personal life

In 2022, 32-year-old Kat Graham got engaged to director Darren Genet. The chosen American actress asked her the main question during the celebration of his 52nd birthday.

The lovers have been together for five years. On vacation in Mexico, Kat heard a long-awaited question. The TV star immediately responded positively. Representatives of the director confirmed this good news.

Graham was previously engaged to Cottrell Guidry. They announced that they were planning a wedding in 2012. But two years later, the lovers broke up.

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