John Travolta, Before and After

By | February 23, 2023

John Travolta is one of the most popular American actors. He starred in a whole galaxy of world-famous box office films, such as “Pulp Fiction”, “Face/Off”, “Swordfish”, “Wild Hogs”, “Hairspray” and “From Paris with Love”. Let’s see how he looked in his youth and how his appearance changed after plastic surgery.

John Travolta is one of the actors who is loved and revered all over the world. In addition to acting, he is a wonderful dancer and singer. For these talents, he was awarded an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. His work in musicals brought him worldwide fame.

After Ryan Murphy’s series “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story” was released on TV screens, where an elderly John Travolta appeared in one of the main roles and caused a lot of disapproval with his altered appearance, rumors appeared that Travolta became another victim of plastic surgery and changed beyond recognition.

Plastic surgery

In the acting environment, youth and well-groomed appearance are one of the main factors of demand. There are few age roles, which means that most Hollywood stars tend to stay in middle age as long as possible.

The real handsome man in his youth was John Travolta. And what plasticity he had. Remember only his famous dance. But the years have not spared him either. John Travolta is used to playing superheroes and sexy machos, so he went to a beauty clinic and had plastic surgery.


The Hollywood actor decided to prolong his youth with the help of plastic surgery. John Travolta decided some time ago to go to a beauty clinic to remove wrinkles and sagging skin.

After the transformation, he appeared in the television series “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story”. However, fans hardly recognized the star. The actor has really changed, especially in the area of the forehead and eyebrows. After the operations, Travolta practically erased the familiar facial features that fans loved.

On social networks, the transformation of John Travolta caused a heated discussion. The ruthless comments of social media users come down to the fact that Travolta has become more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than himself.

The actor himself does not comment on jokes and suspicions of surgical modifications of the face in any way, and the audience can only look and wonder what celebrities are doing in the desire for eternal youth.

Hair transplant

It all started with the fact that the actor began to rapidly go bald. However, it is unclear why he did not get rid of the hairstyle altogether, but began to wear wigs, and then did a hair transplant operation (at least, that’s what plastic surgeons say).

But it’s not just about Travolta’s hair. He’s gained a lot of weight lately, so now he doesn’t really look like the action heroes he played.

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