Jocelyn Wildenstein, Before and After

By | December 10, 2021

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a nightmare for advertising plastic surgery clinics. Her name doesn’t mean anything to many, but everyone who has a TV or the Internet has at least once seen a photo of this socialite. The story of a woman strikes the imagination.

Jocelyn Wildenstein in her youth

A woman did not always terrify people with her appearance. In 1940, this cute little girl with blue eyes and wheat-colored hair was born in Lausanne.

Her father tried to grow a real man out of Jocelyn. To do this, he taught her hunting, fishing, and shooting. Her mother was not particularly involved in her upbringing.

Having moved to Paris, a young and uncouth girl set off on all serious. She had affairs and changed bohemian lovers until she married billionaire Alec Wildenstein.

The acquaintance happened on a safari. The lion hunt ended with the fact that, to everyone’s surprise, a feeling broke out between them. The newly-made boyfriend treated the girl as another acquisition, and she was inflamed with a true feeling.

Before and after plastic surgery

The young wife was bathed in luxury. Miss Wildenstein spent a million dollars a month. But time does not spare millionaires either. At 55, she couldn’t keep up with her husband. He kept throwing Botox injections and doing facelifts. She was losing… She was just getting old.

Jocelyn decided to change and to become for her husband a Catwoman.

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s plastic surgeries began with injections into the lips, forehead, and cheekbones. The face held its shape for a while. But then it blurred. Photos of the millionaire’s wife before and after operations are striking deterioration.

Armed with scalpels, plastic surgeons reshaped the face lengthwise and across. There was a lot of work because the customer hit the operating table with her fist and decided that now she wanted to be like a lioness.

Seeing the new face, the husband screamed in fear. Leaving all the billions, he fled to America. And here it is impossible to condemn him. Jocelyn Wildenstein’s unsuccessful plastic surgery made her look like King Kong.

Jocelyn decided that the reason for her husband’s escape was that she didn’t try hard enough. And again, the biography of the woman was replenished with regular operations. This time, implants were sewn into the still not completely disfigured face: in the chin, cheekbones, and cheeks.

The result probably horrified the surgeons as well. If the client’s health condition was normal before the operation, then after that she had to undergo rehabilitation for a long time.

But in 2015, Catwoman removed the implants.

Jocelyn Wildenstein actively continued to inject into her lips.

The change in the eye incision required 250 thousand dollars from the woman and repeated surgical intervention.

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s unsuccessful plastic surgery touched eyebrows as well. After cosmetic surgery, they are unnaturally stretched as if a woman is surprised.

Jocelyn actively continued to experiment with her appearance and inserted an implant in her chin. The elongation was necessary in order to achieve similarity with the feline family. But already in 2016, a photo of an elderly woman millionaire was pleased with a noticeably thinner chin.

The woman did breasts augmentation. Big tits and falls out of her revealing outfits.

A woman born in 1940, in pursuit of the image of a lioness, spent $ 4 million, but Jocelyn Wildenstein was a pretty and bright girl in her youth.

Jocelyn herself is in love with her reflection in the mirror. Leading the ratings of victims of plastic surgery, she considers herself very beautiful and systematically goes out, changing the cavaliers.

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