Jessica Alba, Before and After

By | August 26, 2021

Once upon a time, Jessica Alba was considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. However, something went wrong. The star of “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four” has ceased to enter the top of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. The actress complains that the reason is her not quite standard and slightly exotic appearance, but most likely there are other problems.

Did Jessica Alba do a breast augmentation?

The “history” of changes in her breasts is impressive because everything happened the other way around for Jessica Alba: the magnificent boob became unexpectedly flat.

What happened? And was there breast surgery in her life? It turns out that everything is too complicated, since there is no reliable information, while the changes in her breasts are noticeable even in photos.

How did it all start?

The beauty and natural charm of Jessica Alba made her famous in those years when she was very young. She has started her career as an actress, but she has not been very active in films.

She has been engaged in dancing since childhood, she has always been mobile, which allowed her to still maintain a perfectly toned figure, but her breasts were barely noticeable.

After 20, her figure suddenly changed, everyone saw how beautiful her breasts were. Jessica Alba began to appear in advertisements for swimwear, after that she began to be noticed by directors, she starred in Hollywood films, thanks to which she once became famous.

Did Jessica Alba do a boob job?

The actress does not give any comments when she is asked questions about her breast plastic surgery. The secret of her perfectly proportioned forms, according to her, is connected with her genes, as well as the diligence with which she watches her body and exercises.

Photos from that period reveal changes in her breasts. The actress could easily have made an increase with the help of implants. From different angles, you can see that its forms have become different. The bust of Jessica Alba became for some time a popular topic of discussion among her fans.

The annoying paparazzi did everything possible to catch her on the beach and make the best-selling photos.

What was the result?

Breast augmentation was the right decision, as it changed the figure of Jessica Alba for the better. She really lacked beautiful boobs. They have become a harmonious addition to her natural beauty.

By the way, the operation (if there was one!) can be considered successful, because until now no one can understand whether there were implants in Jessica Alba’s breast.

But in recent years, Jessica has been acting in films a little. She devoted herself completely to her family. Many people notice that the actress has lost weight, and has acquired even more refined and elegant forms. But along with these changes, something happened to her breasts: the size became smaller.

Did Jessica Alba remove those implants that were so perfect for her?

There is a version that the installed breast implants “did not take root” and caused a strange reaction from the body. This is possible in very rare cases. Obviously, she had to give them up, if there was a mammoplasty at all.

What plastic surgeries did Jessica Alba do on her face?

It seems that the appearance of Jessica Alba is perfect in everything: a small neat nose, voluminous cheekbones, beautiful eyes.

The star has always denied any transformation of appearance and assured that her beauty is a gift of nature.

But is this beauty obtained from nature or is it fake?

We decided not to suffer in guesses and asked the expert to tell us everything!

“Undoubtedly, Jessica Alba looks great. But I see the master’s hand here (and I’m not talking about her parents right now). It is obvious that the actress removed the lumps of Bish a few years ago – the face visually became much narrower.

Rhinoplasty is also noticeable – most likely, Jessica corrected only the tip of the nose. After the nose job, he became narrower, and the shape itself has not changed in any way.

If you compare the photos of past years and modern pictures now, it is noticeable to the naked eye that Jessica’s lips have become noticeably lost volume. It is obvious that some time ago she enlarged her lips with fillers based on hyaluronic acid, and only recently became a fan of natural beauty. This change of view did not spoil it at all, and she still looks great even with thinner lips.

I do not exclude that Alba corrects the shape of the chin with fillers, although it may be a competent makeup. There is no denying that the actress often visits cosmetologists and carefully monitors her skin. Perhaps she resorts to the help of hardware procedures.”

What’s the secret to Jessica Alba’s slimness?

The actress has repeatedly been included in the ratings of the sexiest and most attractive stars. On the set or on a walk, in an evening dress at a party or in a T-shirt on a jog, the star always looks cheerful and fit, and in her hands, you can see only fresh lettuce leaves or celery juice.

Jessica Alba is one of the main adherents of a healthy lifestyle, but a trip to a plastic surgeon also got into her dossier. The actress was declassified by one of her close friends, who told the press that after the second birth in 2011, the star had liposuction of the abdomen in one of the popular clinics in Santa Monica.

Surprisingly, tummy tuck news did not cause discontent among fans. On the contrary, they were glad to learn that Jessica is not alien to anything human and she resorts to the same methods of losing weight as ordinary people.

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