Jerry Hall, Before and After

By | May 16, 2024

Jerry Hall is a 1970s supermodel and the ex-wife of British Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. Hall is a wonderful woman who believes that plastic surgery is the lot of idiots and deeply insecure people. Let’s see what the young Jerry Hall looked like at the peak of her fame and how she changed after.

Then and now

Jerry has a very bright destiny. She was born in 1956 into a dysfunctional family. Her father drank excessively and beat his wife and children. But despite this, the girl was already shining on the covers of magazines by the age of 21. She was photographed by the world’s best photographers. Jerry was considered a sex symbol of the 1970s.

For 20 years, Hall lived with Mick Jagger and gave birth to 4 children, and after his betrayal she left. But at the age of 59, she married a billionaire.

The lady leads an active lifestyle. She considers herself a very happy woman, and it’s hard not to agree with that looking at her radiant wrinkled face!

So what is the secret of a happy woman at her age? It seems to me that the smile that does not leave her face in all the photos is a super anti-aging remedy.

After such a story, it’s probably worth thinking about whether it’s worth chasing youth or just relaxing and being happy? Let’s discuss this.

Plastic surgery

Jerry Hall does not seek to resort to artificial methods of rejuvenation and prefers decent aging. According to Jerry, it is possible to maintain a well-groomed appearance in adulthood only with the help of discipline and self-control.

Legendary 1970s model Jerry Hall refuses cosmetic surgery. Jerry does not use botox injections and fillers to maintain beauty. Hall believes that when you can’t express your emotions with facial expressions, it looks stupid. According to Hall, she uses olive oil for facial skin care. In her opinion, it moisturizes perfectly.

The famous model and actress retained her femininity and charm, as well as her sharp character and tendency to speak openly on any topic. That’s what she did in the interview when it came to her attitude to aesthetic surgery. Moreover, she called plastic surgery “idiotic” in an interview.

Hall has come out with harsh criticism of anti-aging treatments. The celebrity stated that he despises the idea of surgery and sympathizes with those women who turn to plastic surgery. The model added that she understands the pressure that modern beauty standards put on women.

Jerry Hall claims that she has never resorted to anti-aging procedures, be it injections or plastic surgery. She criticized those women who use cosmetic procedures to turn themselves into real “trophies” for men.

Moreover, the former model believes that women who seek to correct something in their body surgically suffer from mental illness.

“Risking your life for the sake of the illusion of youth is idiocy. How many brain cells die during anesthesia! And then you turn into a parody of yourself. You will not deceive anyone with a new face, on the contrary, you will look pathetic.

I think it’s very bad when the role models are women who can scare children. I’m definitely not going to do any plastic surgery. It seems to me that the desire to change your appearance is a disease. Some of my friends are unrecognizable after surgery.

We’re all getting older. But personally, I don’t want to tighten my skin and make my lips fuller. If a man demands that you have plastic surgery, then believe me, he does not need you, but a ‘trophy’ in your face. There are many men who have nothing against mature women and their wrinkles. At least such women look normal.

It’s so stupid to risk your own health. During the operation, you can get an infection, you can die. And most importantly, why become a caricature of yourself? Women after plastic surgery look very pathetic and grotesque.

I feel sorry for celebrities who undergo surgery in order to continue acting in films and remain famous. I don’t want to criticize them, it’s the fault of Hollywood and society. However, I can’t understand why ordinary women go under the knife? If they are afraid that their men will go to young girls, then no plastic surgery can change that. Do not be sad for someone who did not appreciate your devotion and did not want to grow old together.

I believe that the cult of youth imposed on us by the media will not lead to anything good. A woman can be beautiful at any age. And the desire to be young to death will still lead to a dead end. We have no power to fight nature.

My face and body are kind of working tools, so I try to look my best. I’m not going to have surgery. Instead, I do swimming and yoga, and limit myself to carbohydrates and sugar. This significantly improves the quality of the skin and the condition of the body itself. It works,” the former model said in an interview.

The opinion is, of course, interesting, although controversial. After all, women don’t always resort to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures to keep their men. What do you think?

I probably couldn’t have been so indifferent to my appearance at her age. Moreover, having financial opportunities. Personally, if I were her, I would at least correct crooked teeth. A perfect smile would make her even more irresistible. In some photos, her teeth are yellowish. And there are also significant irregularities. But that’s just my opinion.

Jerry herself, apparently, does not feel such a need. She is proud that she has never had cosmetic surgery. Hall had a good career in Hollywood and television. However, in 2011, she performed her last film role, and has not appeared on screen since.


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