Janet Jackson, Before and After

By | November 23, 2021

Janet Jackson, who was born into a family of musicians, always knew that her destiny was music. That’s what her father decided. “No one has ever asked me if I want to be a singer,” Janet once said. “It was always assumed that I would be in show business.”

Janet Jackson in her young

Janet was born in the US state of Indiana in 1966. She was the youngest in the large Jackson family, the ninth child in a row. When she was a baby, her brothers performed in nightclubs and simultaneously sent their demo recordings to different recording studios.

This story began before Janet was born, in 1963, when the father of the family, guitarist Joe, decided to create a family musical ensemble “The Jackson Five”. In her autobiographical book, Janet’s sister, La Toya Jackson, wrote that her father mercilessly beat them with a belt or a bamboo cane, forcing them to rehearse for 3-4 hours every evening.

The cruelty of the father and his passionate desire to make celebrities out of his offspring became an excellent springboard for the children. The little Jacksons were not only talented but also accustomed to army discipline and worked very hard — that’s the formula for success. When Janet turned five, the Jackson Five signed a contract with the famous Motown studio. From the small town of Gary, the family moved to Los Angeles. The house on their new estate was huge and luxurious.

Janet first appeared on stage when she was seven years old. Perhaps she was the least eager to perform in the Jackson family. Show business didn’t really interest her, because she grew up in this kitchen, watching everything from the inside.

After her eighth birthday, her father told her, “Don’t call me Daddy anymore. I’m Joseph to you now. Your manager.” That’s how her career began. She performed in various shows, played in TV series. “I didn’t like playing in TV shows”, she said afterward. Then she recorded two albums under her father’s supervision, which did not have much success.

When the girl turned eighteen, she accumulated enough mental strength to inform her father that from now on she would work without his patronage.

“I remember trying to tell my father that I wanted to work without him, and I couldn’t. It could have been entrusted to my mother, but I understood that I had to do it myself. I dreamed of leaving home, but telling my father that I no longer work with him was the most difficult.”

How the domineering father reacted to this “rebellion” remained unknown — Janet always kept silent about this moment.

Janet Jackson’s Plastic Surgery

Janet has always been in the shadow of her famous brother and did not seek to grab her piece of popularity. She admitted that her appearance was criticized by Michael, producers, and directors.

The complexes nurtured over the years led Janet Jackson straight to the plastic surgery clinic. Already in her youth, the girl changed the shape of her nose, but was not satisfied with the result and turned to the doctors again.

As a result, after rhinoplasty in an open way, a small scar remained above the upper lip, the nose became noticeably shorter, and the tip acquired not beautiful curves.

On top of everything else, the singer was not satisfied with a slightly incorrect bite and not quite snow-white teeth. She decided — and redid it. Everything went well with dentistry.

The singer went to a plastic surgery clinic, where she corrected up her chin and had her breast augmentation.

Janet Jackson’s constant weight changes affected the condition of her breasts after plastic surgery: over time, the breast lost its shape, the contours of the implants were outlined and dimples appeared. Janet knows about her problems but tries to accept herself with all the peculiarities.

After the last unsuccessful facelift, she gave up on plastic surgery and took up dieting and fitness.

“I have the best coach and nutritionist in America,” Janet likes to brag to her friends over a light dinner at her favorite Japanese restaurant. — Their secret is simple: “Eat less, move more!” The coach conducts two or three classes with me daily. These are exercise machines, running, and various games. For example, we go into the arena, and he starts throwing tennis balls at me. I have to dodge with all my might. This game helps you discover muscles in your body that you don’t even know to exist! Then there are different exercises. In the end, I want to lie down and die! And the nutritionist stands only for, as he puts it, “clean food — sushi, grilled fish, vegetables. I understand it’s easier for people to believe that I went to the clinic and had another operation. But believe me, my workout is harder than operations, but the result is obvious: one benefit!”

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