Heidi Blair Pratt (nee Montag), Before and After

By | May 20, 2024

Heidi Montag became known to the world community thanks to her participation in an American reality show. From many of her colleagues, she is distinguished by the fact that she performed a dozen plastic surgeries in one day. What happened to the show star, and how did an extreme experiment change her appearance?

Before and after plastic surgery

Heidi was born in Colorado on September 15, 1986. Since birth, the girl did not shine with special mental abilities and talents. After high school graduation, she moved to San Francisco, where she enrolled in the Academy of Arts. Her roommate was a well-known actress at that time, Laurent Conrad. At the suggestion of her star friend Heidi took part in the show “Hollywood Hills”, which brought her popularity.

After 2009 – after the end of the show, Heidi Montag’s career abruptly failed. Her solo album did not bring earnings, the TV star did not even pay off its cost. Her career on the movie screen stopped at replacing the heroine Megan Fox in “Transformers”. After the grandiose failure of her career, the young lady decided to draw attention to her person exclusively with plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag took her first steps on the operating table long before the show. In order to gain confidence and get the love of the public, the would-be star did not stop even before a scalpel.


Heidi Montag’s nose narrowed noticeably after the nose job. In her youth, her nose looked unsightly. The thin bridge of the nose ended in a large knob-tip. After the first rhinoplasty, the situation improved. After the second rhinoplasty, there were noticeable scars under the girl’s nose, which cannot be masked with a thick layer of cosmetics.

Breast augmentation

The procedure took place in two stages. The operation was first performed in 2006. Heidi Montag showed off her big breasts after plastic surgery, flaunting her on the beach in an open swimsuit.

However, there was no limit to the disappointment of the star when, on the set for a famous men’s magazine, her breasts could not fit in any bra from the extensive costume room. There was no limit to her sadness, so the result of the experience was another mammoplasty.

In 2009, Heidi Montag made a breast augmentation by a couple more sizes.

In 2013, big tits became unbearable for the blonde. The girl has reduced her size of breasts again, and now she is absolutely happy.


In the early photos, Heidi Montag looks cramped. The thing is that a huge chin makes her experience huge complexes. Since birth, Heidi Montag’s face has been weighted, the chin is elongated and curved.

From this, the woman constantly retracts her neck and hides her head in her shoulders. After the plastic surgery, Heidi’s face has changed a lot, it has become narrower. The inserted implant slightly corrected the chin. After the operation, an ugly scar was left on the lower part of the chin.


An eyebrow lift and a facelift were performed. To eliminate fine wrinkles, Heidi Montag systematically applies Botox injections in cosmetology clinics.

One of the dozens of plastic surgeries was filler injections of the cheekbones. After him, the woman’s face became narrower and more sculptural.

Lip augmentation

Heidi Montag’s lips were thin and unattractive before the plastic surgery. After an injection of fillers into her lips, she turned into one of the sexy beauties.


Heidi Montag’s ears have changed a lot after the operation. By nature, the girl’s ears were distinguished by lop-eared and Heidi was insanely shy. She never wore hairstyles that revealed her ears and constantly compared herself to an elephant.


Liposuction of the abdomen, inner and outer thighs affected the disharmony of the body of the TV show star. To achieve the ideal parameters, Heidi Montag did the pumping excess fat from all body surfaces.

The girl now insanely regrets the procedure, because, after liposuction, she had cellulite on her thighs.


All the fat did not go to waste but was immediately pumped into the buttocks area. The increase was successful, now the balance between big breasts and enlarged buttocks has resumed again. After the plastic surgery, there were scars that the girl is not shy about and openly wears short shorts and skirts.

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