Gigi Hadid, Before and After

By | July 28, 2021

Gigi Hadid is among the top list of popular and highly paid supermodels. Her photos were on the covers of leading glossy magazines, and users of the popular social network “Instagram” recognized as the sexiest beauty. But is beauty natural or did specialists in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology work on the face and body?


American supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid are known all over the world for their career achievements. Shooting for gloss from a young age, the sisters also often release their clothes, cosmetics, and perfume.

It is known that both had breast augmentation at an early age. It is rumored that in both cases, the operations were postponed until 20 years.

How did it all start?

Gigi Hadid is a Victoria’s Secret model, the face of Tom Ford, and the star of the Fashion Awards. She became famous at the age of 2 after a photo shooting for Baby Guess.

Gigi Hadid in her youth often became the subject of ridicule in the press when the topic concerned her figure.

“She has too full legs for a supermodel and no breasts at all,” they wrote in social networks, in comments to Gigi Hadid’s photos, and in magazines.

The girl was not at a loss and answered the offenders, “I work a lot on myself and I see that I have managed to achieve impressive results. Not everyone guesses, but it’s hard work to look good every day. Now I am fully satisfied with myself, although I had to go through many tests.”

She was invited to advertise swimwear and elite lingerie, despite the very small breast size. No one can answer exactly what Gigi thought about her appearance at that time.

The career began so brightly that, probably, the star of the podiums did not have time for such reflections.

When was breast augmentation done?

Perhaps the stunning success of Bella Hadid’s plastic surgeries inspired her sister to get a boob job.

Soon Gigi’s figure suddenly changed, and everyone immediately noticed it. The boobs have become larger than before. It was already impossible not to note the beauty formed with the help of breast implants.

What was the result?

Youth, charm, and naturalness can be called the main advantages of Gigi Hadid. Her choice was the anatomical shape of breast implants.

They allowed increasing the volume of her bust by 1-2 sizes. And there is no doubt that the new boobs suit her very well, correspond to the proportions, and look realistic.

Gigi does not talk about her plastic surgery and carefully avoids such questions from annoying reporters.

She likes to talk about the benefits of organic cosmetics and natural fabrics, she often advocates proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, but she does not mention the topic of operations.

But it seems that the big tits still gave her even more confidence in herself and her appearance.

After breast augmentation, the personal life and photos of the girl began to be discussed even more actively, the number of her followers increased noticeably.

Now Gigi Hadid has become one of the most discussed supermodels in the press. Everyone is interested in following the evolution of her appearance, plastic surgery, and personal life.


Bright blush, clear open eyes, plump lips make Gigi Hadid visually much younger than her sister.

According to glossy magazines, the famous supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel is the trendsetter of the babyface trend.

Photos of Gigi Hadid without makeup regularly appear on social networks and collect a lot of likes, which causes confusion among ardent fans of sculptural faces.

But specialists in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are sure that Gigi Hadid did plastic surgeries.

In the upper part of the face of the model, surgical intervention is clearly visible. Probably, blepharoplasty (correction of the eyelids) helped her to cope with the overhanging upper eyelid.

It is also possible that an operation was performed, which is called “Buccal Fat Removal and lumps”. It is carried out in the area of the cheekbones, as a result, the face becomes thinner and elongated, “sunken cheeks” and clearly defined cheekbones appear.

Most likely, an endoscopic forehead lift was performed, since botox is not able to lift and change the shape of the eyebrows so much.

The lower part of Gigi Hadid’s face was corrected by a cosmetologist. With the help of contour plastic surgery (correction with fillers), specialists worked very delicately on the shape of the lips and chin.

Despite the thick makeup, a slight roughness and an atrophic scar located in the left eyebrow area are immediately visible. Also, single pigmented spots are visible in the nose area.


Many fans are desperately arguing whether there were changes in the shape of Gigi’s nose. Someone claims that the nose has become more refined and more even as a result of a nose job.

But many experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology looking at the photos before and after, suggest that most likely there was no rhinoplasty. The shape of the nose remains constant throughout the entire career of the model.


Gigi Hadid, like her sister Bella, has a very beautiful figure. She showed the world a new female model with a sporty body, pumped-up abs, rounded hips, and large breasts. To keep a fit body, the model regularly visits the gym, does yoga, runs, and adheres to proper nutrition.

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