Gabrielle Union, Before and After

By | March 29, 2023

Gabrielle Union is an American movie star, singer, and fashion model. Did she have plastic surgery? Let’s see how she looked in her youth and how her appearance changed after.

Childhood and youth

Gabrielle was born on October 10, 1972. The first years of the future actress’ life were spent in Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of 7, the girl and her parents moved to California. It was in this sunny state that the school years and the youth of the star passed.

In her youth, Gabrielle Union was worried about her own appearance. She wanted to be a blonde with blue eyes. The girl was fond of sports and achieved good success in basketball, football, cycling.

Plastic surgery

Gabrielle Union has starred in many popular films together with famous Hollywood actors. She was once again on the crest of success after a successful marriage with the famous basketball player Dwayne Wade.

Until October 2015, the Nebraska native was the owner of her native African nose. But after she dropped out of the gossip column for several months, the girl appeared in public again only in January 2016.

The sharp-eyed gaze of fans immediately noticed changes in the appearance of the celebrity. Looking more closely, you can see that Gabrielle Union had a nose job. Plastic surgeons narrowed the actress’ nose a little. After rhinoplasty, the naturally beautiful TV star became even more beautiful.

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