Eva Green, Before and After

By | August 11, 2021

Eva Green is known for the films “The Dreamers”, “300: Rise of an Empire”, “Dark Shadows”, but most of all she is loved for the image of a mysterious lady in the TV series “Penny Dreadful”. They say that the appearance of the actress attracts and repels at the same time, there is some special mystery in her…

What plastic surgeries did Eva Green have?

Shy and secretive Eva Green never tells anything about her personal life, and even more so about the plastic surgery that she did for the role of James Bond’s girlfriend.

By the way, it is known that this particular film brought her phenomenal success and popularity.

We can only assume about Eva Green’s mammoplasty since there is no exact information about this operation.

Was the actress ready for such drastic measures for the sake of the main role in a cult movie? No one will be able to say something to this question, since Eva herself always answers with her mysterious smile. Only photos can “tell” the whole truth about the changes in her breasts.

How did it all start?

Eva Green’s bust has never been flat. Nature has rewarded her with attractive shapes. But for Eva, it is quite difficult to maintain a normal weight. She is tall and predisposed to thinness, easily loses weight, and with it, the volume of her breasts.

In the film “The Dreamers”, where she was filmed as a very young girl, we see that everything is fine with her boobs. However, a little later, when she begins to lose a lot of weight, we notice that her girlish forms become less noticeable.

With age, Eva Green completely lost her natural breast volume and lost a lot of weight. She didn’t manage to gain weight again for many years. In the dresses that she picked up with designers for social events, Eva Green’s boobs look miniature.

When was breast augmentation done?

It is obvious that the role of the James Bond girl meant a lot for the future career of the actress. The boob job that Eva Green did was beneficial.

Successful transformations made the actress irresistible and helped her to become the winner in the competition for the main female role in the film “Casino Royale”.

What was the result?

The breast implants were selected in accordance with her individual parameters. Eva Green’s boob job is one of the most successful aesthetic operations in Hollywood. But no one knows the name of her surgeon, the name of the clinic, and the exact date of surgery.

In addition, there is one more version, according to which, breast plastic surgery was not performed at all. The size changes are explained by a constant fluctuation in weight.

But Eva Green herself does not comment on this in any way. At the same time, third-party plastic surgeons say that her new tits are very similar to the result of the careful work of their colleagues.

What does Eva Green look like now?

The debate about possible plastic surgery only reinforces the interest in the personality of Eva. Meanwhile, she shows off her magnificent figure in dresses from legendary couturiers and continues to smile mysteriously at photographers.

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