Emily Deschanel, Before and After

By | January 15, 2022

Emily Deschanel is another bright star of American cinema. Emily is known primarily for her role in the TV series “Bones”.

Childhood and youth

Emily was born on October 11, 1976, in Los Angeles, the capital of the world film industry. The actress’s parents worked in the field of American cinema. Emily’s father, Caleb Deschanel, was a famous cameraman and director, in whose career there was even an Oscar nomination. No less famous person was also the mother – actress Mary Jo Weir (Deschanel). During her career, she has performed many bright roles.

Looking at their parents Emily and her sister Zooey also began to think about the actor’s fate. Subsequently, both girls became world-famous actresses.

Note that as a child, Emily Deschanel’s parents often moved from place to place. Due to the specifics of the director’s work, her father often transported his family to different parts of the world. As a result, before reaching adulthood, Emily managed to live in Italy, Canada, Yugoslavia, South Africa, England, and France.

In Paris, Emily often visited various theaters and enterprise productions. In addition, her father often took her with him to the set, and therefore, at an early age, Deschanel dreamed of becoming an actress. Parents strongly supported their daughter in this endeavor, and therefore soon assigned her to professional training courses for actors who operated at Boston University. Subsequently, the actress received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and theater.


Emily Deschanel performed her first film role in 1994, playing an episodic character in the film “It Could Happen to You”.

At first, the career of the actress was not very successful. She played only small roles, and therefore for a long time her name was well known except to her own agent.

It was possible to change the situation somewhat only eight years later, after the release of the film with the participation of Emily Deschanel. In 2002, she played a prominent role in the thriller “Rose Red”, based on the book by Stephen King. This work allowed the actress to attract the attention of the general public for the first time.

After that, Deschanel began receiving offers from directors much more often. So, in particular, she got a notable role in the youth drama “Easy”, as well as small roles in the Oscar-winning blockbuster “Cold Mountain” and the famous film project “Spider-Man 2”.

Thanks to them, Emily became well-known in the cinematic world of Hollywood. But there was still no talk of some crazy popularity. However, the actress became much more successful in her profession and therefore could comfortably exist on quite good fees from filming.

The real turning point in the career of Deschanel occurred only in 2005. During this period, Emily played one of the main roles in the mystical thriller “Boogeyman”, and also received the main role in the new detective project of the FOX channel – “Bones”. The series gained huge popularity, and this role brought Deschanel a nomination for the “Satellite” and “Teen choice award”.

Subsequently, Deschanel played the roles of several more interesting movies. However, among the audience, Emily was still known mainly for the role of Dr. anthropologist.

Personal life

In the fall of 2010, Emily Deschanel married actor and writer David Hornsby. The wedding ceremony gathered only relatives and friends. In September 2011, the actress gave birth to her husband’s son Henry.

In everyday life, the star supports animal welfare societies and is a committed vegan.

Plastic surgery

At first glance, it seems that Emily is not one of those women who improve their appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

However, Emily Deschanel had a nose job. Before the rhinoplasty, her nose was slightly curved and the bridge of her nose was slightly wider.

Emily became famous after starring in the series “Bones”, which was successfully broadcast on television for 12 years. And if in the first seasons we saw Deschanel fit and slim, then in the final episodes she gained weight. The changes, as it turned out, were associated with the long-awaited pregnancy of the actress. But even a few years after giving birth, Deschanel does not want to return to her former forms.

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