Eiza Gonzalez, Before and After

By | August 4, 2022

Eiza is a good example of how plastic surgery changes people’s appearance for the better, on one condition — if you don’t get too carried away with it and approach it wisely. Let’s compare the “before and after” photos.

Eiza Gonzalez in her youth

Eiza was born in January 1990 in Mexico City. The Mexican actress grew up in a creative atmosphere, to which her mother, a former model, taught her. Gonzalez attended a theater studio, studied foreign languages and studied at an acting school. The girl starred in Nickelodeon projects, and after the musical novel “Lola” declared herself as a singer.

She released her debut album and instantly became a celebrity in her native Mexico. Eiza did not stop there and went to conquer Hollywood. The beauty impressed the directors and soon starred in the series “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series”, and her fans noticeably increased.

However, they noticed that Eiza Gonzalez’s appearance had changed a little.

Eiza Gonzalez before and after plastic surgery

Gonzalez is a perfect example of how a neat plastic surgery done wisely emphasizes the advantages and benefits.

The actress does not comment on surgical interventions, but it is difficult to hide the changes from the attentive gaze of fans. Before nose surgery, Gonzalez had a large nose with a wide tip, after rhinoplasty, the nose became more elegant: the tip is sharper, the bridge of the nose is thinner, the nostrils are more prominent.

Some commentators believe that Eiza acquired aristocratic features after removing lumps of Bish, others — due to weight loss.

The girl really watches her figure: she goes in for sports and eats right, although she suffered from overeating in adolescence.

The actress often appears in swimsuits and emphasizes her lush breasts and narrow waist, to the naturalness of which fans also have questions. Gonzalez did lip augmentation, worked on the oval of the face and the upper part of the face.

Social media users note that Eiza Gonzalez received the most interesting roles after plastic surgery.

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