Duckie Thot, Before and After

By | November 24, 2021

The Australian model of African descent Duckie Thot has gained fame thanks to a unique combination of skin color and doll-like facial features. And indeed, looking at the numerous photos from her Instagram, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether the doll is or is a person. Users on social networks felt that she was so beautiful that they dubbed her an “Alien”.

Biography of Duckie Thot

The girl grew up in Australia, in a huge large family of refugees from South Sudan. The girl actually has a very complex and difficult pronunciation of the name Nyadak Thot. Duckie is a very simplified version. But it was under this name that she came into the fashion world and became popular.

When Duckie Thot turned 17, a friend persuaded her to take part in the reality show “Top Model in Australia”, where she took 3rd place! Participation in the show brought her not only popularity but also the first visits to the world of big fashion.

It would seem that a new life has begun! But at the very start of his career, Duckie suddenly disappears from view for two whole years. The reason for this, as it turned out later, was the usual harassment in social networks. Users were so shocked by the beauty of Duckie Thot that… they attacked her with accusations about the unnaturalness of her hair, skin color, and weight.

Nevertheless, Duckie found the strength to return. Now she has moved from Australia to New York. Participated in the shows of world-famous brands, regularly appears in advertising campaigns, and appears on the covers of fashion magazines.

There will always be people who will speak ill of you. But what others say about you does not define you …

Did Duckie Thot plastic surgery?

Most specialists in the field of aesthetic surgery believe that Duckie’s beauty is absolutely natural. Nature created such perfect features for the face and body by crossing African and European genes.

Dark-skinned “Barbie”

The model’s appearance is so perfect that followers offered her to release a personalized doll. Duckie Thot called the idea “wonderful.” It is also rumored that the manufacturers of the world-famous Barbie doll also came out with a similar offer.

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