Christina Hendricks, Before and After

By | January 4, 2022

Christina Hendricks became known for her role in the super-popular TV series “Mad Men”. The actress has a very noticeable appearance: red hair, green eyes, and big tits.

Thanks to the proportional figure the red-haired beast, who has become famous all over the world, looks amazing despite her no longer being young age.

Christina Hendricks in her youth

The future famous actress was born in May 1975 in a simple family of a forest service employee and a psychologist in Nashville, Tennessee. When the baby was three years old, the family moved to Idaho. The girl began to attend dance and theater schools. Of course, the early training can already be called the secret of success, which led to an acting career.

Interestingly, Christina’s natural hair color is blonde. But at the age of ten, the girl, after reading Montgomery’s novel “Anne of Green Gables”, began to dye her hair red.

This gave her a special feature. There is no doubt that the actress would not attract attention so much if she had a normal hair color.

According to the actress, she was shy and insecure and quite often complex because of her appearance. As a teenager, she became interested in the subculture of rockers and dyed her hair dark, and began to wear appropriate clothes. But the fascination with rock and punk did not last long.

Once friends suggested that she star in a contest for a glossy magazine. Christina was so admired by the pictures that she decided forever that she was the most beautiful and attractive. This boundless self-confidence is her secret to success. Despite the fact that there are many people who do not like her appearance she is not going to change anything in her image.

At the age of 19, the red-haired beast gathered in New York to conquer Hollywood. However, the dreams were not destined to come true immediately. For nine years, she took part in photoshoots, fashion shows, but did not receive great fame.

Film career

Christina got her first role in the movie “Sorority”. Fame did not come to Christina in one moment. She had to work hard and take part in many projects. Everything changed when she played the main role in the movie “Hunger Point”.

But we can say that the red-haired actress became known to the general public after participating in the series “Mad Men”. People far from the world of cinema even began to recognize Christina Hendricks from the photo. For performance in the role, she received a number of nominations and awards, including an Emmy in 2010.

Surprisingly, a girl with a non-standard appearance, who was not confident in her school and teenage years, became one of the most beautiful women in the world. Thanks to her role in the TV series “Mad Men”. Hendricks topped the top sexiest women in the world from Esquire magazine in 2010.

Personal life

In 2009, the actress married actor Jeffrey Rent. It seemed that their happiness is eternal, and the husband strongly supported the woman in everything. But the idyll broke up in 2019 after ten happy years of marriage. In an interview, the actress indicated that the reason for the divorce was “insurmountable differences” in the couple.

The actress does not have an official account on Instagram and other social networks. Christina admits that she considers networks to interfere with her personal life, and this is unacceptable for her.

In 2012, intimate photos of Christina allegedly appeared on the web. The actress said that these were not really her photos, but just a montage: a photo of another woman’s body was attached to her face. But, according to media reports, after this incident, Hendricks wrote a statement to the police about hacking her mobile phone.

Did Christina Hendricks have plastic surgery?

Despite the non-standard parameters, the actress has repeatedly noted in interviews that she loves her body very much and is not going to somehow transform it with plastic surgery. But she admits that she sometimes has problems with choosing a wardrobe, in particular, because of the outstanding breast size.

In the actress’s closet, it is difficult to find an outfit that does not emphasize big tits. Christina is proud of her natural breasts and at any event focuses on the boob raised up.

However, some people think that her breasts are fake and she has inserted implants. Conversations about the naturalness of Christina’s breasts pop up in the press much more often than about talent, so the actress gave a very exhaustive interview: “My boobs are from nature. This is understandable to anyone who understands at least a little about female beauty.”

Christina Hendricks notes that the most important thing is a positive attitude to life and full self-acceptance. Healthy eating, regular yoga classes, and psychology help her in this. The secret of popularity, as the actress notes, is simple. You just need to allow yourself to be the person you are.

The most vivid images of Christina Hendricks

Christina is a unique specimen from the point of view of external data. She is always balancing on the verge of an attractive sex bomb and a rustic simpleton. However, the point here is not only, not so much in appearance as in presentation and wrapping.

Hendricks is a lady, with an impressive breast, buttocks, and a pronounced waist. She has a body shape of a typical “hourglass” in the presence of excess weight. This is the type of figure it allows Christina not to slip into a fat woman, and be listed in the list of beauties, although this position is very controversial.

In photoshoots, Hendricks very successfully transforms into a vamp woman, a hot and fatal beauty, or an elegant lady with a hint of retro.

A completely different picture in reality – on red carpets and paparazzi photos. Christina clearly needs a good stylist.

Sometimes, very rarely, she manages to look decent at events, but most often she appears in the image of a teacher from the collective farm. The mind does not exactly understand why, with such a figure, grandmother’s outfits, piles of ruffles, garish patterns, and lifting up so big breasts to the chin are needed.

Well, outside of the red carpet, she most often doesn’t look too good either.

In general, using the example of Hendricks, you can safely write a manual “How not to dress fat women”.

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