Christian Slater, Before and After

By | March 3, 2023

There was a time when Slater was called a rising Hollywood star, but his life changed when he started using drugs and alcohol. The wrong lifestyle affected not only the actor’s health, but also his appearance. To regain his former glory, Slater used the services of plastic surgeons.

Facelift and botox injections

There was a time when Slater’s star was rising confidently in Hollywood. And then he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. You can’t expect to stay younger when you use all sorts of nasty stuff every day. The actor was convinced of this personally.

When Christian got rid of the addiction, he had to put his appearance in order with the help of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. He had a facelift, botox injections and hair transplant surgery. The tightening of the skin on the forehead did not go to Slater’s benefit: after it, the actor’s once-living face seems to be a frozen wax mask.

Hair transplantation

The hairline on Christian Slater’s head, which had been retreating for years, miraculously restored the lost positions. This suggests that the actor went through a hair transplant procedure.

Male focal baldness, as a rule, proceeds according to two main scenarios.

  • In the first, at the initial stage, a bald spot appears in the back of the head, which then spreads forward and along the sides.
  • In the second scenario, the hairline begins to recede from the forehead. Every year it moves further and further to the back of the head, revealing the growing receding hairline. This is exactly what happened for a long time with the hair of the popular actor Christian Slater.

However, then Christian appeared with thick hair. At the same time, the hairline has almost returned back to the mark from which it began its slow retreat a few years ago.

Since there are practically no cases of independent hair regrowth in male focal allopecia, it can be assumed that Christian Slater used the help of specialists.

He probably restored the density of his hairstyle with the help of a surgical hair transplant.

According to rumors, many Hollywood stars have gone through this procedure, for whom a thick hairstyle is an opportunity to play romantic heroes, which means earning millions. Among them are Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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