Celine Dion, Before and After

By | June 29, 2021

Since childhood, Celine has been distinguished by extraordinary musical talent and an amazing voice. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about her appearance. For a long time, she had crooked teeth, a chin that was too voluminous and disproportionate to her face, and a massive nose. But with the growth of popularity, the requirements for appearance also changed. The singer popular all over the world just has to be stunningly beautiful!

Celine Dion in her youth

Celine was born in a small Canadian town and was the 14th child in a poor, but happy and friendly family. Her parents were the owners of a small bar, which brought a small income but allowed a large family to feel like one musical group. During the regular Sunday concerts, Dad played the accordion, the mom played the violin, and the children sang.

The first ridicule associated with appearance, young Celine heard at school. A very thin girl with crooked teeth was laughed at by her classmates, so she hardly forced herself to go to lessons.

At the age of 12, with the support of her family, the girl recorded her first song, which was immediately sent to Rene Angelil for the audition. Rene was so touched by the singer’s vocal abilities that he immediately made a prophetic statement, “she will make a real star!” In confirmation of the seriousness of his intentions, he mortgaged his own house, directing all the proceeds to promote Celine’s first album.

The next decade was marked in the singer’s career by a dizzying ascent to the Olympus of world popularity. In 1988, she won the Eurovision Song Contest, recorded together with the American soul singer Peebo Bryson the soundtrack to the animated film “Beauty and the Beast”, for which she immediately received both a Grammy and an Oscar. Celine records albums in English and French and repeats the success of The Beatles themselves, which have managed to stay on the top lines of the charts for 5 weeks!

The main composition of Celine Dion was the soundtrack to the James Cameron film “Titanic”, which she recorded in 1997. The ballad “My Heart Will Go On” has become one of the most recognizable in the world. And the singer received an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and 2 Grammy Awards.

Before and after plastic surgery

Along with popularity comes an understanding of the need for external changes. And of course, the first is a dental surgery. At the beginning of her career, Dion’s teeth were with prominent canines. The singer straightened her teeth, fixed veneers, and became the owner of a Hollywood smile!

By the way, since that time, Celine Dion has been very careful about her teeth. And in 2008, she even added a clause to her rider that a personal dentist must accompany her on all world tours.

Then Celine corrected the shape of the nose with rhinoplasty. After the nose job, the face has acquired harmonious features and the nose was refined.

The next plastic surgeries were performed to change the face shape. These operations helped to level out the massiveness of the jaw and chin and made the face harmonious and feminine.

The singer also did blepharoplasty and circular facelift.

It should be noted that experts agree that all the plastic surgeries of Celine Dion were carried out flawlessly, they only harmonized the overall impression of her face, without erasing the uniqueness, recognition, and facial expressions.

“I can’t just use Botox, because I’m a singer. If it is injected too deeply, it can paralyze the face. I don’t want to lose my emotions, confidence, and relationships with the audience.”

Celine Dion’s new look

Everyone knows the poignant love story of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil, who was 26 years older than the singer. Rene became Celine’s colleague, husband, father of her three children, producer. They met when the future star was only 12 years old. But of course, their romantic relationship began much later — in 1988. At first, the lovers hid their affair, because Rene was married, but later, when the official divorce took place, the couple made their relationship public. And soon Dion and Angelil had a magnificent wedding. The ceremony was broadcast live on Canadian television.

Celine lived happily with her husband for 23 years. Unfortunately, a beautiful love story found a tragic ending. In 2016, Rene died of cancer, which he had been fighting for almost 20 years.

For some time, the singer became a recluse, grieving the loss of her beloved spouse. But soon the press was full of headlines about the return of Celine. The appearance of the star at Paris Fashion Week was called by journalists “a dizzying transformation”. Dion completely changed her image and noticeably lost weight.

She now often appears on the pages of fashionable glossy magazines in very extravagant outfits.

I can’t just live like this,

“I lost my husband, and my children don’t have a father. I have to stay strong, because this is my life principle, to be strong, positive, do everything I can, live for today, and know that nothing is perfect and not everything I want will come true.”

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