Brooke Shields, Before and After

By | December 18, 2021

Brooke Shields is a famous model and actress. She became the youngest model on the cover of the Vogue fashion magazine. She was the highest-paid model of the 80s. She became known to a wide audience thanks to her participation in the films “The Blue Lagoon”, “Endless Love”, “Suddenly Susan”, “Castro’s Daughter”, “Lipstick Jungle” and others.

Brooke Shields in her youth

Brooke was born in the late spring of ’65 in Manhattan. Soon after her birth, the girl’s parents divorced, and the daughter stayed with her mother. Teresa came from a large Catholic family. As a child, she dreamed of becoming an actress, but in the end, her life turned out differently – Teresa worked as a model and makeup artist. But Brooke’s father was a real aristocrat – the blood of the French and British aristocracy flowed in his veins.

After the divorce of her parents, little Brooke began to live with her mother, who decided to turn her daughter into a star. Teresa saw that her daughter was growing up to be an incredible beauty and decided to make her a professional model. It may seem that through her daughter Teresa wanted to fulfill her long-standing dream.

Since childhood, Brooke had one incredible quality – she was amazingly beautiful. The charming brown-haired woman immediately attracted the eyes of others. Her mother saw perfectly well what impression her daughter makes on people. The girl looked great in the pictures. From an early age, Brooke easily gave her face a more “adult” expression, so that in the photos she looked both sexy and innocent. It is this combination that will become her distinctive feature in the future.

Modeling business

Brooke gained her first fame as a professional model. Her debut on television took place in advertising, while the young actress was not even a year old at the time. Together with her mother, she participated in advertising a variety of products. By the time the girl just started walking, she already had several commercials in her portfolio. Brooke continued her television career at school. She said that sometimes she was on the set even more often than in class.

The real success in the biography of the aspiring model was the acquaintance with the photographer of the Playboy magazine. Harry Gross was fascinated by the beauty of a ten-year-old girl and invited her mother to make an erotic photoshoot of the baby. Soon, nude pictures of Brooke appeared in an art gallery in Manhattan and made a lot of noise. Teresa even tried to sue the pictures from the publication in the future, but nothing came of it.

In the 80s, Brooke was only 15 years old, but she has already managed to become a very popular model. Soon she starred in a fairly frank advertisement for the Calvin Klein brand. She was advertising new jeans. The slogan of the video implied that the model is removed without underwear. Despite the many scandals associated with the beginning of Shields’ career, she is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after models of her time.

Soon Brooke becomes a real record holder in the modeling business. She became the youngest model whose face graced the cover of the Vogue fashion edition. A year later, the whole of New York was talking about the young beauty. She is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after and highly paid models in the world. According to Time magazine, Brooke earned about $10,000 daily. In addition to photoshoots, she participated in fashion shows. The girl’s figure fully corresponded to the model parameters.

However, fame was not so easy for young beauty. Her work schedule did not involve entertainment, walking with friends. She couldn’t even afford to rest. For whole days she had to pose in front of camera lenses. The beauty has always had a lot of fans, among whom there were real psychos. Brooke remembers that she often received threats from strange men. She also got it from journalists – the press constantly poured mud on Brooke, attributed non-existent novels and affairs to her.

In those years, Brooke was interested not only in the modeling industry. She managed to participate in several films and decided to completely retrain as a professional actress.

Film career

Brooke started her film career almost as early as modeling. After the release of her scandalous pictures for Playboy magazine, the ten-year-old girl has already woken up famous. Soon she began to be invited to cameo roles in various TV series and films. In 1978, thirteen-year-old Brooke got one of her first major roles. She starred in a film called “Pretty Baby” by the popular director Louis Mallya.

Brooke Shields in the movie “Pretty Baby”

This role was also provocative. A thirteen-year-old girl was offered to play the role of a prostitute. Her on-screen heroine, a moth named Violet, was only 12 years old in the story. According to the plot, the mother (played by Susan Sarandon) sells the innocence of her beautiful daughter at auction. The price was only $400. Teresa, who dreamed of seeing her daughter as a successful actress, immediately agreed to such conditions. At the same time, Brooke’s father categorically refused to make a sex star out of a young daughter. Participation in the film made Brooke even more famous, but this fame turned into big trouble. Terrible articles began to be written about Brooke, speculation and numerous rumors appeared around her. This could not but affect the psyche of a young girl – she often visited psychologists.

The next major project in the career of the actress was no less scandalous film. She starred in a romantic film called “The Blue Lagoon”. This story is dedicated to a couple of teenagers who, by the will of fate, find themselves on a desert island. With the release of the film, Brooke turns into one of the most popular actresses of our time. This movie is still very popular among moviegoers. At the same time, critics did not like the game of the aspiring actress at all – Brooke even received a nomination for the Golden Raspberry anti-award.

Brooke Shields in the movie “The Blue Lagoon”

Even the expert opinion of critics had no effect on the growing fame of the young star. Brooke conquered new horizons, participated in various projects, shone both on the podium and in the cinema.

The role of Brooke’s on-screen partner in the film “The Blue Lagoon” went to a young actor named Christopher Atkins. Brooke and Christopher looked good together, but there was one problem – the girl was ten centimeters taller than her partner. Because of this, during the joint scenes, Brooke had to stand in special holes dug in the sand.

The next project was a movie by Franco Zeffirelli himself was called “Endless Love” and brought Brooke even greater fame. The romantic film helped Shields gain the title “The Face of the 80s”. At the same time, Brooke continued to participate in photoshoots and fashion shows. Her pictures did not leave the covers of the largest fashion publications.

Soon the next film was released, starring Brooke Shields. The drama is called “Sahara”.

Brooke Shields in the movie “Sahara”

Critics met the film coolly. This time the actress becomes the owner of the Golden Raspberry anti-award. She received the same statuette a few years later for a movie called “Speed Zone”.

In the 2000s, Brooke was named a nominee in the “Worst Actress of the Century” category.

When Brooke turned 17, she decided to devote some time to education. She takes a break from her career and goes to Princeton University. Here she begins to perform in the theater, but then she begins to actively act in films again. The next projects of the young star are the films “Brenda Starr”, as well as “The Diamond Trap”. New projects brought the girl new fame and big fees.

In the 90s Brooke was able to prove to critics that it was not by chance that she was the most famous person in Hollywood. She went on a creative experiment and starred in completely different roles. She looked great in all the movies. Later she appeared in the most popular TV series of that time – “Friends”, as well as in the TV series “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”.

One of the most successful projects with the participation of Shields was a romantic comedy called “Suddenly Susan”.

However, the actress’s most favorite project was a melodramatic TV series called “Two and a Half Men”. The girl starred in this series for six years.

There were also failed projects in Shields cinematography. Critics and the public met the film called “Hannah Montana” very coldly.

The actress starred in a successful horror film called “The Midnight Meat Train”. Here the public saw a completely new Brooke, who masterfully played the spectacular owner of her own art gallery.

In 2008, the actress received the main role in the comedy TV series “Lipstick Jungle”. The plot is based on the popular novel by Candace Bushnell.

Then she appeared in a number of TV series and films (“The Middle”, “Furry Vengeance”, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, etc.)

Brooke Shields in the TV series “Furry Vengeance”

The following films with Shields’ participation enjoyed the audience’s love – “Castro’s Daughter”, “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”. Film projects appeared at the box office in 2010.

A year later, the actress played in a melodramatic film called “The Greening of Whitney Brown”. Critics and viewers reacted quite warmly to Brooke in the film “Chalet Girl”.

In 2013, Brooke appeared in one of the main roles in the comedy film “The Hot Flashes” and played a minor role in a comedy TV series called “The Michael J. Fox Show”. A year later, the project was closed due to low ratings. This series was recognized as the most unpopular sitcom that year.

2017 was quite a productive year for Shields’s cinematic career. She appeared in a comedy musical from Netflix. And soon Brooke pleased fans with a new role in the film “Daisy Winters”.

Personal life

From the very beginning of Shields’s career, the press became interested in the personal life of the young star. When the girl became a famous model, she had little time for her personal life. In addition, she received thousands of threatening letters from anonymous fans.

Brooke can be called a very emotional and bright girl. Already in her youth, she dreamed of passionate love, but she saw her beloved only as a famous and influential person. The first relationship in the life of a young star began back in the 80s. Her chosen one was a popular singer named George Michael. However, nothing serious came out of this relationship. Celebrities have decided to break up.

Brooke Shields with Michael Jackson

Soon the star was seen in the company of Michael Jackson. The press immediately announced that Brooke and Michael were dating. But that wasn’t true.

Later, journalists claimed that the model had met with John Travolta, but this turned out to be an invention of the media.

Shields met her true love in the person of a famous tennis player named Andre Agassi. He is rightfully called the “tennis king” for his brilliant technique of playing the game. The acquaintance of the popular model and the famous athlete took place in the mid-90s. Andre beautifully courted his beloved, and Brooke reciprocated him completely. The couple met for about 2 years, after which the lovers decided to get married.

Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi

After the wedding, the young people realized that life together is full of difficulties, which did not contribute to peace and harmony in the life of a young family. Shields had been dreaming about children for a long time, and Andre believed that he was not ready to become a father yet. In 1999 the year, the couple decided to divorce.

After the divorce, there have been positive changes in Brooke’s personal life. Soon Shields meets a new love. On the set of the comedy “Suddenly Susan” Brooke unexpectedly met an actor and a famous producer named Chris Henchy. They immediately liked each other and soon they had a stormy romance.

Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy

For some time the actors met, until in the spring of 2001 they decided to get married. A few years later, Brooke’s long-awaited firstborn was born. The actress was able to realize her dream of motherhood. Three years later, the actress gave birth to a second daughter.

Currently, the family lives in sunny Florida. Fans are glad that the main model of the 80s was able to find happiness in her personal life.

Brooke Shields with her family

Did Brooke Shields have plastic surgeries?

Brooke still has a lot of fans who do not stop complimenting the appearance of the star. Others note that women have changed a lot with age, but she looks just perfect.

How has Brooke Shields’s face changed?

Growing up, Brooke lost the playfulness and sexuality of her appearance. Now she is a lady who looks sternly at the audience without a shadow of a smile. The only thing that remained the same in her face was her eyebrows. It is surprising that, comparing the photo of Brooke Shields in her youth with her modern photographs, you do not find any radical differences in her face – the cut of the eyes remained the same, the nose and the oval of the face did not change their outlines either. Perhaps, only the lips of the actress began to look different, as they lost volume.

The actress looks her age – it is obvious that she has not done facelift, blepharoplasty, and other anti-aging plastic surgery. This is evidenced by the slightly “floated” oval of the face, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, and pronounced nasolabial folds.

Shields does not use the achievements of aesthetic medicine and in one of the interviews told why.

It turns out that she had Botox injections and the effect disappointed her. The actress still remembers the unsuccessful experience and tries to do without cosmetic procedures.

In facial care, she adheres to the following rules: thoroughly cleanses the skin, washes with cold water, applies a moisturizer, and necessarily protects the skin from sunlight.

Experts, looking at the photo of Brooke Shields, note the smoothness of the skin and the small depth of the existing wrinkles. They suspect that the star uses hardware cosmetic procedures and from time to time does contouring, fills deep wrinkles with fillers.

How has Brooke Shields’s body changed?

The fact that the actress in her years will give odds to many young women is convinced by the photo of Shields in a swimsuit. On them, the star shows a slender body, without the slightest hint of cellulite.

Brooke is actively engaged in surfing and yoga. Her breasts, of course, became larger than in her youth, but not so much as to suspect breast augmentation surgery. Considering the fact that Brooke Shields is a mother of two children, she can be suspected of having a breast lift.

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