Bette Midler, Before and After

By | October 11, 2023

Bette Midler is hardly a beautiful woman, but she didn’t need this title in Hollywood. She made her appearance a real trump card in her career and became famous as an inimitable comic actress.

Plastic surgery

Bette Midler was born in Honolulu on December 1, 1945. She considered herself a fat and ugly Jew, but her jokes and acting in movies were loved all over the world. Bette went from a cannery to Hollywood and realized: happiness is just being at peace with yourself.

There are rumors that Bette Midler has had rhinoplasty, facelift, eyebrows, and regularly injections botox and fillers. Is it so? Let’s compare her photos before and after the alleged cosmetic procedures.

Did Bette Midler have rhinoplasty (nose job)?

It is absolutely impossible to call Midler an outwardly attractive woman. But she never had a nose job and did the right thing. Just imagine her with a small nose – it would be a completely different person.

Did Bette Midler have a facelift, botox injections and fillers?

Hollywood star Bette Midler impresses with her youthful appearance. There is not a single wrinkle on the woman’s forehead. Bette looks much younger than her age. The star claims that she has never used Botox in her life, although informed sources reported that Midler could not do without the help of plastic surgeons.

If you look at Bette Midler’s face, you will notice that her face does not seem natural at all. Her skin looks very tight on her cheekbones. At her age, this is impossible without cosmetic procedures, because with age-related changes, the fat layer under the skin of the face decreases significantly. Cheeks, like breasts, droop with age. Obviously, she used cheek implants. In fairness, it should be said that this is not the only plastic surgery she has done.

The results of facelifts, eyebrows, botox injections and filler in the lips and cheekbones can also be considered successful. In any case, while her face looks refreshed, and her skin is elastic. However, in recent years, her face has been looking increasingly unnatural.

Midler herself does not pay attention to criticism of her appearance and says: “People always put barriers in your way, and one of these barriers is age. They tell me: “You’re an old woman! Also, ugly!” Do you think I don’t know? I just have something to offer people. It doesn’t matter how I look.”

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