Ben Affleck, Before and After

By | March 4, 2022

Ben Affleck is a famous American actor. Did Affleck have plastic surgery? How did he look in his youth and how has his appearance changed now?

Childhood and youth

Ben Affleck was born on August 15, 1975, in the American city of Berkeley. His father, who dreamed of fame as an actor in his youth, worked as a doctor, and his mother was a teacher.

Ben’s film career began at the age of 7 when the boy played a small role in the TV series. At the same time, Affleck met Matt Damon, whose acquaintance marked the beginning of their strong friendship for life. All their childhood, Ben and Matt dreamed of Hollywood, ran to screen tests together, and starred in extras. However, the best friends temporarily parted ways when Damon entered Harvard, and Ben went to the university in Vermont, which he subsequently dropped out.


After moving to Hollywood, the young Affleck starred in several films at once.

In 1998, he starred in the films “Shakespeare in Love” and the blockbuster “Armageddon”, which brought Ben the long-awaited recognition. And in 2001, the already huge popularity of the promising actor Affleck increases several times more – the film “Pearl Harbor” is released on the screens, which gave Affleck a whole army of fans in love.

Fortunately, the actor continued to delight the audience, replenishing his creative piggy bank with no less successful roles in the films.

Now Affleck continues to be one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

Personal life

The personal life of this famous actor is no less fascinating. His first romance with the popular actress Gwyneth Paltrow was admired and looked very promising. However, they broke up.

Then in 2003, actor Ben Affleck shocked the audience with a quick engagement with singer Jay Lo, and in 2004 surprised her with no less rapid broke up.

However, a year later Affleck finally decided to give up his bachelor life and married actress Jennifer Garner. The star gave birth to Ben two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, in 2015, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorced.

After the divorce, Ben found a new love in the face of a producer named Lindsay Shurkus.

Later, Ben started a new romance, this time with a girl named Shauna Sexton, who posed for the covers of Playboy many times. The model was two times younger than her chosen one. This relationship also soon ended in a breakup.

Soon the public started talking about the actor’s new relationship. He started dating an actress named Ana de Armas. Unfortunately, this actor’s romance ended in a breakup. In the winter of 2021, the couple broke up.

Already in the spring of 2021, journalists began to write that the actor was reunited with his long–time beloved – Jennifer Lopez. The couple spent a vacation together, and then they appeared at a public event.

In the summer of 2021, Jay Lo posted a picture on social networks in which she kissed Ben. This was the best confirmation of numerous rumors.

Plastic surgery

After a loud breakup with his wife Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck has repeatedly said that he wants to change his life and change himself. And, apparently, the actor did it. Now it is difficult for fans to recognize the star.

It’s not even that Ben Affleck shaved off his beard and painted over his gray hair. The actor’s face has also undergone changes. The pictures clearly show that wrinkles and bags under the eyes have disappeared from Ben’s face, and the skin of his face has become smoother and shinier. As experts assure, there was not without plastic surgery.

According to experts, Ben Affleck resorted to injection techniques in the cheeks, botox, laser skin correction, and removal of bags under the eyes. According to fans, the actor overdid Botox injections and lost his naturalness. The pursuit of eternal youth and beauty played a cruel joke with Affleck: after botox, his face turned into a lifeless mask.

Hollywood Smile


The young Affleck could not boast of a perfect smile. But the irregular shape and too small teeth did not prevent Ben from becoming a celebrity and having an affair with Gwyneth Paltrow.


In the film “Argo”, where Ben Affleck acted as producer and director, and also played the main role, fans of his work we’re able to enjoy not only the courageous image of the actor but also his charming smile.

Hair transplant

Affleck has suffered from hair loss for some time in the past. Some photos show that the hairline has moved back a little and even a bald spot on the top of his head is noticeable.

Did Ben Affleck do a hair transplant?

Affleck’s hairstyle has undergone some changes: his hairline has returned to its former place, and hair grows again on bald areas.

Ben himself did not comment on the causes of hair loss and hair transplantation.

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