Audrina Patridge, Before and After

By | June 2, 2024

Let’s compare how young Audrina looked before plastic surgery and how she transformed after breast augmentation, nose job, lip injections and botox. See the photos of Patridge then and now.


Let’s see what changes have happened to her appearance, and compare how much she has changed over the years. Let’s start the review of the transformation “before” and “after” from Audrina’s face and see if she had any plastic surgery.

When comparing several photos of Audrina from the beginning of her career to the present day, some differences are noticeable. Her face does look a little more toned than when she was younger. Perhaps this is the result of injections of fillers or botox.

Audrina’s face as a whole just looks like she has matured, but still looks young. The jawline and facial expression are more refined than before.

Many of Patridge’s facial changes can be explained by weight loss. But there is also the possibility of using fillers and botox. This is a common way to change the appearance of the face, as well as smooth out wrinkles. There are rumors that she has implants in her chin and cheeks.

Patridge has always had unique eyes. It is unlikely that she did anything in this area. There are no obvious signs of blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Although there is a possibility that she used botox injections to smooth out small facial wrinkles around the eyes.

Nose job

Patridge probably had a nose job, but it was very minor. Look at the photos from when she started her career to this day, you can see some subtle changes. Her nose looks a little smaller than before, especially the tip of her nose. Is it possible to achieve such changes with makeup or has she had rhinoplasty? What do you think?

Lip augmentation

Audrina’s lips also changed. She used to have very thin lips, but over time they became fuller. It is likely that she was injecting fillers. Now, the lips really fit her face, besides they look natural.

Boob job

It’s no secret that Audrina Patridge had breast augmentation surgery. Previously, Audrina’s breasts were much flatter, and after the operation it was noticeable that her boobs had increased in size.

Some sources report that Patridge was trying to find a way to increase self-esteem through plastic surgery. She felt she had to be perfect to continue her career in television and film. According to the same sources, Audrina became much more confident after the operation. Anyway, with big tits, she started doing more photo shoots.


Audrina Patridge has always been known for her rather hot and toned body. After the birth of a child, her body looks just as fit, if not better. Audrina looks amazing. Her appearance has improved over the years as she has matured and evolved.

Patridge, in an interview, told several of her secrets on how to stay slim and look good in a swimsuit. Obviously, she started swimming at a young age, considering that her family had a pool and she lived right on the ocean. Audrina said she still enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, as well as cycling, beach volleyball, jogging, hiking with her dog. According to her, she trains a lot, usually five or six times a week. Patridge combines cardio training with boxing and Pilates. That’s why she doesn’t have a fake ass, but elastic buttocks.

Her favorite breakfast dish usually consists of banana pancakes with a fruit side dish or potato pancakes with turkey and bacon or an omelette with egg white stuffed with vegetables.


In her youth, Audrina was a bright brunette. The shade of her hair was dark brown and even black. She looked great then.

Now her hair is much lighter, with a darker shade of hair at the roots. Patridge’s hairstyle highlights her tan and she looks really attractive. Audrina looks very sexy. Patridge’s hair, regardless of color and length, remains beautiful.


Audrina has beautiful snow-white teeth. She probably never had problems with crooked teeth and didn’t wear braces. Her smile looks great regardless of whether she has veneers or it’s her natural teeth.

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