Aubrey O’Day, Before and After

By | July 4, 2024

Let’s compare how young Aubrey looked before plastic surgery and how her appearance changed after lip injections, botox, fillers, breast augmentation and other procedures.


Now there are more and more rumors about the singer’s cosmetic procedures. Aubrey has long been known to the public, but today her appearance is very different from how she looked before. Looking at the photos of the singer before and after the transformation, it becomes clear that O’Day does not look at all like the star we learned about in the 2000s. Aubrey has changed a lot since then.


The photo shows that her face is now very different from what it was in her youth. Her eyes, lips and chin look different. However, she previously claimed that she was transformed not by plastic surgery, but that it was just corrective makeup. In the interview, Aubrey also revealed that she edits photos and knows all the tricks. Thus, O’Day demonstrates a wrinkle-free face and other advantages of appearance. But a few years ago, O’Day admitted that she had undergone several procedures. Including lip injections and botox.



Aubrey admitted that she visited a plastic surgeon to correct her figure and underwent laser liposuction on her chin and stomach.

Nose job

Rumors that she has had several plastic surgeries are nothing new. Aubrey’s nose is now narrower with a pointed tip. The difference in the thickness of the bridge of her nose could be explained by careful makeup, but her nostrils look different. This is probably the result of rhinoplasty.



O’Day often shows off his beautiful hourglass-shaped figure. But Aubrey for many years categorically refused to admit that she adjusted her body and face with the help of specially trained doctors.

However, if we compare the photos of O’Day before the transformation and now, then questions arise. Where did the four watermelons come from? Two on the chest and a couple more on the buttocks? Was it plastic surgery? Her buttocks are much bigger than before. You can see the difference in the photo. Her buttocks were probably enlarged with implants.

Boob job

O’Day probably, like many celebrities, believed that big tits would help boost self-confidence and attract a lot of attention. With implants, her boobs look really impressive. After breast augmentation, O’Day likes to show off her cleavage in low-cut outfits and tight tops.


Despite the fact that Aubrey denied for a long time that she had performed a number of procedures with plastic surgeons, this did not help eliminate the rumors.

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