Ashton Kutcher, Before and After

By | February 2, 2023

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood, who came to show business as a model, and then began an acting career. He has a lot of romantic and comedy films to his credit, where he appears in the image of attractive, brutal and funny men.

It seems that he has nothing to change in appearance, but in fact, according to the photos of past years, you can notice some changes. By the way, Kutcher himself is one of those who does not hide his plastic surgery.

Nose job

Ashton Kutcher, one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, had rhinoplasty early in his career. Archival photos of the star indicate that over the years the nose has become narrower.

Before becoming a world-famous actor and husband of Demi Moore, Kutcher was a model. At the beginning of his career, he realized that appearance is extremely important. Therefore, he turned to a plastic surgeon and made a correction of his nose.

Ashton Kutcher didn’t like his nose, or rather, the slight hump characteristic of an Irishman. As the actor himself said, the operation lasted only an hour, but recovery from anesthesia lasted two days.

Did Ashton Kutcher do a hair transplant?

Unlike his colleagues, the actor admits that he began to go bald at the age of 25. He went to the trichologist who prescribed the medicine. These were pills that needed to be washed down with water. In 2014, when he and Mila Kunis were waiting for the birth of their first child, Ashton stopped taking medication and saw that he was going bald again.


The actor has two fused toes on his foot: the third and fourth. He is not shy about it and proudly calls it “his only drawback.”

It turns out that handsome Kutcher has a membrane between two fingers. That is, they are connected by skin. This piquant detail would have remained unknown to anyone if the actor himself had not paid attention to this nuance in one of the TV shows. However, even after such a revelation, Ashton continued to receive offers from film producers and directors.

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