Ashlee Simpson, Before and After

By | June 27, 2021

Once, together with her sister Jessica, actress Ashlee Simpson starred in commercials, movies, and reality shows. But the happy decade is over, and now she occasionally appears on stage and on the screen, but each such appearance raises a wave of rumors that Ashlee Simpson has changed a lot after plastic surgery.

Before and after plastic surgery

Ashlee Simpson was born into the family of a Baptist minister on October 3, four years after Jessica. Parents discovered little Ashley’s creative abilities and sent her to a classical ballet school. At the age of 11, the young ballerina danced on a par with professionals, and joint performances with her sister-singer hardened her character and awakened the desire for fame.

In 2001, Ashley got her first role in a television series, but there was no talk of a serious film career yet. The following year, Simpson was invited to the shooting of the comedy “Chick”, after which she became famous.

The pretty actress brilliantly coped with the tasks set by the directors and gradually acquired an army of fans. Even getting into “The Golden Raspberry” nomination for the musical “Unsolved” did not change the opinion of fans about Ashley’s talent.

The girl did not disappoint, having recorded a music album “Autobiography” and released her own reality show. Copies of the record flew in thousands of copies and elevated her to the rank of a real star. The growing popularity did not prevent Ashley from arranging a personal life. In 2008, the girl married the bassist Fall Out Boy, and in November gave birth to a son.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not pass the test of strength, and in 2011 the couple broke up.

Three years later, Ashley tied the knot with actor Evan Ross and gave him a daughter.

After the fame of Ashlee Simpson has subsided, she takes care of his family and rarely appears at social events.

Photos from the events that the star attended caused an incredible response from netizens. And this is not surprising, because the appearance of Ashlee Simpson has changed.


The young actress had a pretty face, but some imperfections did not give rest.

It is quite possible that the popularity and high ratings influenced Ashley’s serious attitude to her own appearance.

In 2006, fans noted that Ashlee Simpson did the nose job.

The aspiring singer and actress took her first steps on the podium with a voluminous nose with a pronounced hump.

Constant questions from journalists forced Ashley to admit to rhinoplasty. The actress said that such differences in the photo before and after are the result of an operation performed in 2006.

She said that due to breathing problems she went to a plastic surgery clinic to fix her nasal septum. During this operation, the doctor not only corrected the actress to health but also straightened the bridge of the nose and made the tip of the nose narrower.

Ashlee Simpson’s face became more harmonious and aristocratic.

But the photos from events show that Ashlee Simpson did not stop there.

Lip injections

According to fans, the singer actively uses the services of specialists in contouring.

Professionals note on Ashley’s face traces of the use of fillers with hyaluronic acid in the area of the cheekbones, nasolabial folds, and lips. The face has become sculptural, and the lips are plump.

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