Anya Taylor-Joy, Before and After

By | April 25, 2023

We looked at the photos of the actress “before” and “after”, compared and found differences. Now we are sharing with you the beauty secrets of Anya Taylor-Joy.

Plastic surgery

Anya Taylor-Joy is credited with quite a large number of plastic surgeries and cosmetic injections. Let’s take a closer look at whether this is the case.

Already in the photo of 2015, at the age of 19, we see quite characteristic, large and outlined cheekbones, and a dedicated area under the cheekbones.


When Anya Taylor-Joy grew up and lost a little weight, the cheekbones stretched even more. Anya often uses makeup that further emphasizes this area. If the correction of the cheekbones with the help of injections of fillers was carried out, then very delicately.


The cosmetic intervention that I see here, comparing the photos of 2015 and 2022, is the correction of the angles of the lower jaw with the help of injections of fillers. The angle of inclination of the lower jaw has become more pronounced.


Comparing all these photos, pay attention to the eyes and the shape of the eyebrows. You can look at the 2016 photo. With a certain makeup, the eyes seem bigger. Anya emphasizes her fair skin with makeup and highlights the eyes that stand out against such a background.


The photo clearly shows that the upper eyelid area has become more noticeable. And the tip of the nose from round became a little sharper, triangular at the end in profile. In the first photo, the nose is clearly longer. Probably Anya Taylor-Joy did rhinoplasty (nose job) and blepharoplasty. It is also possible that the actress corrected the shape of her lips with filler injections or with lip surgery.

Her face has become thinner in the lower third. The expressive cheekbones of actress Anya Taylor-Joy in the pictures from Paris Fashion Week launched a debate about the plastic surgery of the actress. Fans of the star of the TV series “The Queen’s Gambit” are trying to determine from the photo whether the actress has lost weight or removed lumps of Bish.

Let’s see how Anya Taylor-Joy has changed by 2023. Fans of actress and model Anya Taylor-Joy noticed how much the actress has lost weight over the years of her career. The Hollywood star became known to the general public after his role in the 2015 film “The Witch”. Even then, Anya Taylor-Joy captivated the audience with her big eyes and expressive gaze, but during the premiere of the film, the young actress could not yet boast of outstanding cheekbones.


In 2020, the TV series “The Queen’s Gambit” appeared, where Anya Taylor-Joy played the main role of the brilliant chess player Beth Harmon. In the frames, the actress’s eyes seem to have become even larger, and her cheekbones are more clearly defined. Then the star admitted that she did not consider herself beautiful enough to act in a movie. And in social networks and the media, rumors began to spread that Taylor-Joy was changing her appearance with the help of plastic surgery, but the speculation was never confirmed.

At the end of 2022, the film “The Menu” with Anya Taylor-Joy was released, where the actress seems to have completely got rid of the swelling on her cheeks.

Pictures of Anya Taylor-Joy from the Golden Globe ceremony and shows at Paris Fashion Week have become a cause for concern for fans. In the photo, the actress’s cheekbones seem very expressive and sharp.


Fans are trying to unravel the secret of Anya Taylor-Joy’s sharp cheekbones. In January 2023, collages were distributed on social networks, which compare photos of Anya in her youth and now. Many netizens decided that Taylor-Joy probably removed the Bish lumps. Commentators felt that it was impossible to achieve such expressive cheekbones without plastic surgery.

Fans also suspect that Anya had rhinoplasty, as the actress’ nose in the pictures became thinner by 2023. According to some Internet users, the actress not only harms her health, but also sets unrealistic beauty standards for her fans.

Other viewers do not believe the theories about plastic surgery and prove that Taylor-Joy has lost weight. They pay attention to the fact that since the movie “The Witch”, the teenage actress has become an adult girl and got rid of childhood swelling. In addition, fans remembered that earlier Anya Taylor-Joy was on a strict unhealthy diet during the filming of “The Queen’s Gambit” and could well repeat the experience.


Although it is not known for sure whether Anya Taylor-Joy had plastic surgery or lost a lot of weight, many fans are sure that the actress looked attractive without additional intervention. Also, the Network is worried about the condition of the star of the “The Queen’s Gambit” and hopes that changes in appearance are not signs of health problems.

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