Anne Hathaway, Before and After

By | September 13, 2021

Anne Hathaway still outshines many actresses with her charm and talent. Her name regularly appears in the lists of the most popular Hollywood stars. She herself believes that she is the happiest woman in the world: she is lucky both in her career and in her personal life. Even her plastic surgeries are always successful.

Did Anne Hathaway do a boob job?

The breast augmentation was performed so skillfully that not everyone noticed the changes immediately, although the size of her boob was significantly increased.

At the same time, there are those who are convinced that Hathaway has “natural” breasts, which she has formed with age.

Are such significant changes possible without the intervention of a plastic surgeon?

Experts say that, as a rule, only with serious fluctuations in weight, such changes are possible. But the “The Devil Wears Prada” star had her breasts enlarged by about three sizes. Most likely, she was fitted with implants of a natural anatomical shape.

How did it all start?

Anne Hathaway has probably never had any problems with being overweight. Even as a teenager, as the actress herself admitted, she was usually called “skinny”, “board” or “herring”.

By the age of 20, she had blossomed so much that she was immediately noticed and invited to star in films.

After the film “The Princess Diaries”, many girls dreamed of the same expressive face and perfect figure.

She managed to preserve her beauty even after the birth of a child. However, until the age of 30, Anne Hathaway had small breasts.

Experts say that for her proportions, big tits would be natural, but nature did not give her big breasts that would fit her perfectly.

When did Anne Hathaway have breast augmentation surgery?

Presumably, this was done a long time ago.

The changes were discovered by the audience in 2010 when the melodrama “Love and Other Drugs” was released on the screens, where the actress had many explicit scenes. There she first appears half-naked and impresses with her new forms.

The boob looked natural, so not everyone began to suspect that the actress actually had breast implants installed. But comparing the photos before and after instantly gives away her secret.

What was the result?

Everyone notes that Anne Hathaway looks great with new boobs. Mammoplasty helped to complement her image with the only “detail” that she lacked.

Most likely, breast implants of modern anatomical shape were chosen.

The body shape of the actress allowed her to choose implants of a sufficiently large size. Experts suggested that her breasts were enlarged by 2.5 or 3 sizes.

It is not surprising that after a successful operation, it was Anne Hathaway who was offered to play Catwoman. The actress had to wear a tight leather suit that accentuated her figure.

However, there were changes with her chest when she had to lose weight for filming in the film “Les Misérables” based on the novel by Victor Hugo. For the sake of a serious role, she also cut has her long hair.

She got the long-awaited Oscar statuette, but the breast size has noticeably decreased due to the loss of body weight.

It seems that Hathaway was ready for this. Now her forms look “more modest”.

What plastic surgeries did Anne Hathaway do on her face?

As Anne admitted in an interview, when she turned 23, a cosmetologist advised her to inject Botox to preserve her youth and beauty. This proposal angered the actress, and she refused, choosing the usual cosmetic care.

“It’s not that I’m an ardent opponent of serious beauty procedures and plastic surgery, but I want to leave these methods for an older age.”

Of course, over time, Anne still had to resort to the help of injections.

They say that she even managed to visit a plastic surgeon who did a nose job. Whether this is really the case, we found out from the experts!

If you compare the photos of Anne Hathaway from the late 1990s and modern ones, you can see drastic changes in the appearance of the actress: she then gained, then lost weight, dyed and cut her hair, did different makeup, but behind all these changes there is no hint of the work of a plastic surgeon. We can say for sure that she still has the same cut of the eyes with the corners turned down. She didn’t do anything with them. What an asymmetric nose was, it remained the same, except that it became even wider. No signs suggesting rhinoplasty.

But Anne clearly visits a cosmetologist! She definitely had botox injections in her forehead and in the area around her eyes, because even when she laughs, the forehead remains “calm”. It is possible that fillers were introduced into the nasolabial folds to correct wrinkles.

In the last photos, by the way, not just facial wrinkles are already visible, but age-related wrinkles in the nasolabial folds. The corners of the eyebrows and eyes begin to fall. There is a slight swelling in the lower eyelid area. It is still impossible to talk about bags under the eyes, but soon it may become obvious. It’s too early to talk about a radical facelift, but I would add fillers to the nasolabial folds.

Anne Hathaway has a naturally very harmonious face and unusually moisturized radiant skin and lips. I think that hardware techniques, help the actress to maintain her skin in this state.

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