Al Pacino, Before and After

By | January 28, 2023

“Don’t tell me that plastic surgery is the lot of women and gays.”

Al Pacino in his youth

Short, dark–eyed – typical Italian Al Pacino has always been shy about his appearance. In the dysfunctional Bronx, where Alfredo grew up, he often got from his peers just because he was pale, thin and small in stature.

“When I got older, girls called me a freak and preferred more prominent guys. And I thought that when I grow up, I will definitely earn a lot of money and pay doctors to make me a new face – a beautiful one.”

At the dawn of his acting career, Al Pacino was considered a master of one role – and also because of his appearance.

“The directors stubbornly saw me as a typical loser – a weak and weak-willed person, and I got the appropriate roles. All this only strengthened me in the desire to do something with my face.”

Fate decreed otherwise. The film “The Godfather” made Al Pacino not only very rich, but also world famous. Alfredo’s appearance has become an object of lust – there are young people who turn to plastic surgeons to make themselves “a face like Al Pacino.”

“What I have never understood and will never understand,” says the actor, “is the desire to acquire a face that I have hated for half my life. Michael Corleone’s charisma, of course, is great – but how can you change a completely pretty appearance for a weak semblance of my nondescript appearance? And for a lot of money!”

The actor’s desire to radically change his appearance has disappeared. The face of the “godfather” gave him a special charm.

“I still didn’t like my reflection in the mirror. But I didn’t dare to change my appearance with the help of plastic surgeons. I was afraid of becoming like a poorly made mask of myself.”

But time and addiction to alcohol worked against the actor. By the age of forty, Al Pacino suddenly quit movies and locked himself in his house in Canada and went on a long binge.

“I was completely unprepared for the consequences of the success and popularity of The Godfather. It seemed to me that they wanted to offend me. Between the ages of thirty and forty, I consumed a lot of alcohol and was in constant depression. I was disgusted with my fame, disgusted with the crowds of fans and especially female fans. By nature, I am a depressive optimist, and sometimes I get disgusted with everything I do, and especially the noise that has been raised around me.” – he explained later.

Al Pacino was brought back to the set by his longtime friend, director Sydney Pollack. He said Alfredo was in a terrible state: “The puffy face of an alcoholic, huge bags under his eyes, overweight and a body like flabby jelly.”

Plastic surgery

Al Pacino joined Alcoholics Anonymous, sobered up and was horrified by what he had turned his appearance into. It was then that he again remembered his childhood dream – to try to become a handsome man with the help of plastic surgery. Only this time the actor had money.

“It was scary. For a long time I could not decide to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. But every glance in the mirror convinced me that it was absolutely necessary. And now I don’t regret anything.” – admits Al Pacino.

The actor began his transformation with a facelift.

“I got rid of the double chin with liposuction. With the help of blepharoplasty, I got rid of wrinkles and bags under my eyes. And at the same time, I made a correction of the upper eyelids. After the facial surgery, I noticeably looked younger, and not only externally. I started to feel twenty years younger, and it’s worth a lot. And don’t tell me that plastic surgery is the lot of women and gays. By the way, every American wants to improve his appearance and dreams of plastic surgery. Moreover, these are not ladies’ men and sex workers who go to drastic measures for the sake of beauty. It’s just that no one wants to get old, including me,” Alfredo said.

Al Pacino is back in the movies. In 1992, he was offered a role, but the director set the actor a condition – to lose weight and build up muscles. And instead of going on a diet or going to the gym, Alfredo went to a plastic surgery clinic. With the help of liposuction, he got rid of excess fat on his stomach and chest.

“I don’t like to go on a diet and starve myself. But otherwise it is almost impossible to get rid of fat in a very short time. The operation solved not only this problem. When an elderly person begins to lose weight, his skin is no longer as elastic as in his youth, it sags and gathers into folds. This will not happen if you get rid of excess fat with the help of abdominoplasty, ” the actor admits.

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